Bethesda announced its new mod manager for Fallout 4 last week. It’s just hidden, though! We reached out to Bethesda and found that this is the result of a patch the company made in May 2017 with no fanfare.

The “fallout 4 mod manager” is a program that allows users to download and manage mods for the game. The problem with it, is that it’s hidden from view.

Some people are anxious, while others are unconcerned since they utilize the Nexus Mod Manager, however Fallout 4 features a built-in modifications manager that was just found by gamers.

To get Fallout 4 Mod Manager to operate, look for the FalloutPrefs.ini file in the DocumentsMy GamesFallout4 folder or disk. Check that it is editable by opening its properties. Now open it in Notepad and add the line «bEnableFileSelection = 1« to the bottom section beneath the [Launcher]. If the line already exists, double-check that it is 1, not 0! Save.

Then just play Fallout 4. There’s nothing new to see since the modifications management button is hidden! It’s right here:

Fallout 4

After that, a little window of Fallout 4 Workshop will appear. If you have any modifications installed, they will be shown below in a list with checkboxes that you may use to deactivate them before starting Fallout 4.

Have you discovered a blunder? Ctrl + Enter will highlight the text.

The “fallout 4 mod troubleshooting” is a tool that allows users to download and install mods for the game. It’s just hidden in the game’s main menu.

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