Dishwashers have become a fixture in many homes. They work by spraying water on the dishes and drying them with heated air before returning them to the user’s sink

The “how to install integrated dishwasher door” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is to remove the old door, and then install the new one.

How to Fit an Integrated Dishwasher

Kitchens nowadays are brimming with beautifully designed equipment that make our lives so much simpler while also keeping our houses clean and lovely. An integrated dishwasher is one of them. You may be wondering what an integrated dishwasher is, so let us explain.

An integrated dishwasher is one that mixes in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. It does this by concealing the control panel and blending in with your kitchen cabinetry. It’s a really enticing feature since it enhances the appearance of your cabinet area. But how do you include a built-in dishwasher? Continue reading to learn all you need to know.

How Much Room Does an Integrated Dishwasher Require?

Because the main goal of having an integrated dishwasher is to have it blend in with your kitchen, you must be certain that it will fit precisely in the specified area. Dishwashers that are built-in are normally 82cm tall, 55cm deep, and 60cm broad. They are somewhat smaller than standalone dishwashers as a result of this.

In addition, they are more portable than portable dishwashers. When it comes to taking measurements for your integrated dishwasher, accuracy is critical to avoid problems with the size of your dishwasher during installation.

Here are some pointers to consider when determining where you want your integrated dishwasher to go:

  • There must be a water source nearby.
  • A power supply source for your dishwasher is required, and it should be near enough to your dishwasher to avoid posing a safety danger in the kitchen.

When it comes to how near these features must be, it is fine for your power supply to be up to a meter away. Similarly, the distance between your dishwasher and your waste and water lines should not exceed 50cm. These are important considerations to make before you begin installing your dishwasher.

Examine the Area

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need adequate space to open your dishwasher doors completely without risking injury. If your dishwasher doors can’t completely open, you’ll need to reconsider your placement.

So, how do you calculate the size of your kitchen for an integrated dishwasher? Whether you already have an integrated dishwasher that you want to replace with a newer model, you may measure it to check if the newer model is the same size as your old one. Because the dishwasher connection takes up some room, you’ll need at least 3 cm of space behind your integrated dishwasher.

In addition, be sure you measure from the front to the back, top to bottom, and edge to edge. Once you have the dimensions, you can start shopping for the appropriate integrated dishwasher for your kitchen from your chosen dishwasher manufacturer. The measuring technique will be the same whether this is your first integrated dishwasher, with the exception of utilizing your cabinet space. Add 3cm of backspace for your dishwasher supply pipes as well.

Is Installing an Integrated Dishwasher Simple?

It isn’t much more difficult to install an integrated dishwasher than it is to install a standalone dishwasher. However, you must exercise caution since certain finishing touches and drilling are required for a hassle-free installation. You’ll also need the appropriate power supply and a dependable power drill. Several firms provide integrated dishwasher installation services, and some dishwashers even incorporate it.

Nonetheless, you may save a lot of money on dishwasher installation by installing your integrated dishwasher yourself. The majority of integrated dishwashers will come with installation kits and a handbook to make the process as simple as possible.

To minimize flooding difficulties, turn off your home’s water supply when you’re ready to begin the installation procedure for your integrated dishwasher. Because there will still water in your faucets and pipes after you turn off the water, it is recommended to open them and run them until no more water comes out. Then you’re free to go.

Before you begin installing the dishwasher, make sure the power to your kitchen is turned off. You’ll be able to use your integrated dishwasher in no time if you follow these simple instructions.

  1. The water supply line must be linked to your hot water supply. If you’re inclined to utilize a cold water faucet instead, resist the temptation. When it comes to dishwashing, hot water is much more effective.
  2. If you’d want to utilize cold water in addition to hot, you may add a water input connection to your dishwasher, which will allow it to wash with both cold and hot water. For the time being, leave the other end of the valve unconnected. Later, you’ll connect the unattached side. Secure the drain line to the tailpiece if your sink has one. It will be essential to add a tailpiece if your sink does not have one. The drain pipe may then be connected.
  3. The utility lines may then be connected.
  4. Set the height of your dishwasher by changing the feet of your dishwasher. With a tiny gap, it should be virtually level with your countertop. The opening is necessary for ventilation. A ventilation gap will keep your dishwasher from rusting and growing mold. If there is a gap between your dishwasher and your countertop, it is also much simpler to transfer the dishwasher into the area.
  5. You may relocate your dishwasher beneath your counter space after you’re satisfied with its height. If your kitchen floor is easily harmed, it’s best to place a cloth or rollers below the machine.
  6. The loose end of your water supply line should then be connected to your dishwasher. Ensure that your water hose pipe is securely fastened.
  7. Continue to connect your drain line to your dishwasher and secure it. To prevent flooding your kitchen with your first wash, make sure your wastewater line is securely connected.
  8. Follow the color codes for matching the electrical wires to finish your wiring. If you’re apprehensive about this stage because you don’t have much expertise with electrical wiring, there are numerous videos accessible online that explain it thoroughly.
  9. Integrated dishwashers, in most instances, come with roller slots to fasten the appliance to your cabinets. To make your dishwasher look like a built-in dishwasher, drill holes and finish this section.
  10. You may start using your integrated dishwasher by turning on the water and electricity supply.

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How to Install an Integrated Dishwasher in a Cabinet that Already Exists

It takes work to incorporate a dishwasher into an existing cabinet, but the return is well worth it. It will be difficult to remember a period before you had a dishwasher once you start using it.

Let’s say you have a space in your kitchen that you’d want to utilize for your integrated dishwasher, but it’s already occupied by a cabinet. If that’s the case, make sure the cabinet is near enough to the water supply for the dual outlet valve and the drain for the dishwasher drain, as well as the power supply.

To prevent the dishwasher from fitting inside the cabinet, you’ll need to remove any storage or shelves. Attempt to execute this as smoothly as possible without causing damage to your cabinet’s construction. After you’ve cleared up the area, double-check that it’s big enough to allow appropriate water flow to and from your dishwasher.

Then, to connect your dishwasher to the hot water shutdown valve, follow the instructions outlined above. Also, connect the drain pipe on your dishwasher so that it can drain water after cleaning. The next step is to set the legs to the proper height for your dishwasher.

Is a Door Required for an Integrated Dishwasher?

It’s better to have a door for an integrated dishwasher since the main goal is to have it fit in with your kitchen. On the other side, without a door, your integrated dishwasher will stick out and not blend in with the rest of your kitchen’s decor.

Although an integrated dishwasher door is not essential, it is suggested for the greatest appearance. You don’t need a cabinet to conceal your integrated dishwasher; simply a door will suffice.

How Long Does an Integrated Dishwasher Take to Install?

Integrated dishwashers are available in a variety of manufacturers nowadays. However, when it comes to installation, they are all pretty similar. An integrated dishwasher installation might take anywhere from two to three hours. When you consider how much time and work your dishwasher will save you in the long run, it isn’t a long time.


The addition of a dishwasher to your kitchen may enhance your cooking experience. Imagine being able to prepare and enjoy your meals without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards. You may have all the advantages of a dishwasher without the look of one by investing in an integrated dishwasher.

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The “fitting integrated dishwasher into existing kitchen” is a process that can be done. It is important to get the right fit for the dishwasher and make sure that it will not cause any damage to the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to fit an integrated dishwasher?

A: As most dishwashers are relatively compact, the answer to this question is usually yes.

How do you fit an integrated dishwasher to an existing cabinet?

A: The best thing you can do is to measure the space where your dishwasher would be placed and then place a piece of paper over it, marking the exact size. Next, use that measurement to help find what kind of cabinet will work for you. Youll want something with enough room for water lines since most are made from metal or stainless steel now days!

Do you need a special door for an integrated dishwasher?

A: It depends on the size of your dishwasher. For example, a GE Profile has an integrated drawer that runs along one side of the machine and is removable for easier installation.

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