Steam has been an integral part of the PC gaming community for years, but recently it’s been struggling to keep up with demand. If you’re experiencing problems downloading games on Steam, here are some solutions.

The steam download stuck on patching is a problem that has been present for a while. There are several fixes to fix the issue, but the most common one is to update your computer’s drivers for your graphics card.

The games on Steam don’t seem to be able to completely update and are stuck at 100%? Don’t be concerned. This is one of the most frequent Steam problems. With the ideas and techniques shown below, you may quickly resolve the problem.

For unexplained reasons, Steam downloads may halt at a certain proportion. Before attempting the higher techniques, you may begin with the basic procedures listed below, which may work wonders for you.

  • The download will be paused and then resumed.
  • Steam should be restarted.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Restart the modem and routers if necessary.

If the procedures above haven’t worked, try the techniques below one at a time until the issue is resolved.

Method 1: Select a different download area.

When you play a game on Steam, the Steam client will identify your location and link you to a content server in a nearby area. This is to guarantee that you get the best gaming experience possible.

However, even if it is close to you, a server in a particular area may be sluggish. This may result in game download problems such as “stuck at 100%.” To resolve the issue of “Steam download stopped at 100%,” briefly switch your download region to a new one and check whether the problem continues.


To do so:

1) Start Steam.

2) Select Steam > Settings from the main menu.


3) In the left pane, choose Downloads. Select a nearby area from the Download Region drop-down menu in the right pane. Then see whether the issue has been resolved.


It’s worth noting that not every area is supported. Try a different area if one doesn’t work. Furthermore, moving the area to another location within the same nation may not be sufficient. It’s possible that you’ll have to test various areas in different nations.

Clear the download cache (method 2)

The “Steam download stalled at 100% ” problem may be resolved by clearing the Steam download cache. The Steam client will flush the cached data and obtain it from the Steam servers again once you empty the download cache.

To clear the download cache, follow these steps:

1) Start Steam.

2) Select Steam > Settings from the main menu.


3) In the left pane, choose Downloads. To complete the process, click CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE in the right pane and follow the on-screen instructions.


Reinstall Steam (method 3).

You may try reinstalling the Steam client to solve the “Steam download stalled at 100%” problem.

Warning: Before reinstalling Steam, you must first remove it. All game material will be lost if you uninstall Steam. Before you remove Steam, make a backup of your games so you can easily reinstall them.

What is the procedure for reinstalling Steam?

1) To access the Settings window, press Win+I (the Windows logo key and the I key at the same time) on your keyboard.

2) Select Apps from the drop-down menu.


3) In the left pane, choose Apps & Features.


4) Scroll down to Steam in the right pane and click it. Then, to remove Steam from your PC, select Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions.


5) Turn off and on your computer.

6) Download and reinstall Steam from this link.

How do I back up my Steam games?

1) Open Steam and go to Backup and Restore Games……


2) Click NEXT after selecting Backup currently installed applications.


3) Click NEXT after selecting the games you want to back up.

4) Click NEXT after selecting a place to store the backup to.

5) Enter the name and size of your backup file, then click NEXT.

How can I get my Steam games back?

1) Open Steam and go to Backup and Restore Games……


2) Click Next after selecting Restore a previous backup.


3) Browse and choose the games you want to restore using the on-screen instructions.

Method 4: Turn off anti-virus software for a while.

If you have anti-virus software installed on your computer, it’s conceivable that it’s interfering with Steam, or that Steam hasn’t been added to your anti-virus program’s exemption list.

You may temporarily deactivate your antivirus program to check whether the issue continues while troubleshooting. You may also manually add Steam to their list of exceptions.

Connect to a separate network (method 5)

The “Steam download stopped at 100% ” problem may occur if you’re on a network where your ISP (Internet Service Provider) caches or compresses internet data to conserve bandwidth. Whether possible, try connecting to an alternative network to check if the issue still exists.

I hope you found the information in this post useful. Please leave a remark below if you have any queries. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


The steam download stuck at 95 is a frustrating issue that many users have faced. There are multiple methods to fix the issue, but it can be difficult to find the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my Steam download is stuck?

If your download is stuck, you can try the following: 1. Try downloading from a different computer or device 2. Unplug and re-plug your Ethernet cable 3. Restart your modem and router 4. Disconnect all devices from the internet except for one device (your phone) 5. Check to see if your download is still stuck after doing this

Why is Steam download done but still downloading?

Sometimes, when you download something from Steam, it will be done in the background and you wont see the download bar moving. This is because Steam does not show the progress of your downloads until they are complete.

Why is my game stuck on 100%?

This is a common issue that many people face. The most likely cause of this is that you have not completed the game on the hardest difficulty setting, which would be called Master difficulty. If you have not finished the game on Master difficulty, your percentage will remain at 100%.

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