Dish has been fighting HBO for years, but the war finally ended when Dish and WarnerMedia merged. However, that deal did not include an app to stream HBO Max on Sling TV.

The “does sling offer hbo max” is a question that has been asked by many people. However, the answer is no. Sling TV does not offer HBO Max.

No HBO Max For Sling TV In Spite Of Dish & WarnerMedia Deal

Although the arrangement will not affect Sling TV customers just yet, Dish Network and WarnerMedia have addressed their disputes and agreed to an HBO and HBO Max contract. Even after the acquisition, Sling’s live TV service is one of the few that doesn’t offer HBO or HBO Max, and it’s unclear whether that will change anytime soon.


Sling TV debuted in 2015, which is a long time in live TV streaming years. HBO became accessible as a premium network that could be added to the channel selection shortly after the service started. Since then, a lot has changed, including HBO’s rebranding as HBO Max and the removal of HBO from Dish Network’s video offerings. One of the services impacted was Sling TV.

Dish Network said today that it has signed a deal with AT&T’s WarnerMedia to bring HBO back to Dish TV plans as well as add HBO Max. Cinemax will also be accessible as part of the offer. Despite the fact that Sling TV is owned by Dish and is involved in the same dispute as HBO, HBO and HBO Max are still inaccessible via the live TV streaming service.


Dish TV viewers will be able to watch a free sample of HBO Max between August 6 and 15, and may also sign up for the ad-free version for 12 months for $12 per month, a savings of $3 per month compared to HBO Max’s regular price. Subscribers to Dish TV have until October 27, 2021 to lock in the lower HBO Max cost.

Because the statement made no mention of Sling TV, it’s conceivable that a separate announcement may be made later. That, however, is contingent on a contract that includes Sling TV. There are currently no indicators that this has occurred.

While AT&T already has a live TV streaming service, things are changing there as well, with the service set to be renamed in the near future. Regardless, AT&T has never been opposed to rival services offering HBO, even with the relaunch of Max. Subscribers of YouTube TV, for example, may add HBO to their subscription and use TV Everywhere to access Max content. Subscribers to Hulu Live TV can essentially do the same thing.

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The “how much is hbo on sling” is a question that many people are asking. The answer to the question, however, might be surprising for some.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get HBO Max through Sling TV?

A: Unfortunately, Sling TV does not offer HBO Max.

Does dish support HBO Max?

A: Yes, Dish does support HBO Max. Customers can watch the service on their TVs with a compatible receiver or streaming device.

Does Dish Network have Sling TV?

A: Yes, Dish Network has Sling TV.

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