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The “guardians of the galaxy game review” is a spectacular game that has been released recently. The game is about blasting and laughing while you play.

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  • A throwback to the 90s’ white-glove video game heroes
  • There are 24 stages of frenetic leaping, blasting, and soaring in this game.
  • A pleasant tune, retro visuals, and old school difficulty


Spectacular Sparky is a game that was designed to be ahead of its time. While the game’s visuals and gameplay may turn off younger consumers, it is geared for a certain sort of player. It’s a real tribute from beginning to end, not to a single game in particular, but to a collection of 1990s action games that are seldom seen on current platforms.

If you remember the early days of console games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Cool Spot, or Dizzy, Spectacular Sparky will bring you back to those days, when bosses were massive, music was persistently charming or ceaselessly appealing, and everything was, above all, adorable.


Bunny with a lot of food

Sparky is certainly adorable as well. His ears are adorned with genuine stars, his face is a 60 percent grin, and his voice has the sickening tone reserved for Saturday morning cartoon heroes. He may be a rabbit of some kind, although a space bunny. His demeanor, however, is deceiving, as he is also one of the galaxy’s most merciless bounty hunters.

Sparky’s mission, along with that of his pig-like companion Shigg, is to comb the stars for the most dangerous wanted criminals and bring them to justice in any manner possible. The levels are presented in a side-scrolling format, with Sparky moving from left to right, sometimes obstructed by a swarm of foes that must be defeated.

Of course, it’s all virtually utterly devoid of context. All that counts is that you keep blasting and surviving long enough to reach the stage’s final boss. The 2-Tor-E-L radio station provides a handful of instructions in the first level. I’m not sure who does DJ Cosmosis’ voice acting, but he’s fantastic. It’s a pity he’s not in it more since his delivery is slick, strangely realistic, and actually entertaining.


Thrilling amusement

These lessons will teach you how to use Sparky’s numerous skills. For starters, you may use Sparky’s long ears as wings to reach higher ledges. You can ascend into the air by using the jump button, but it depletes your stamina. With ample i-frames, you may even sprint around barriers and opponent projectiles. However, this depletes stamina once again. However, it just takes a second or two to recharge, so you’ll be avoiding a lot.

Finally, you have the option to fire while standing motionless or moving backwards and forwards. It was a little tricky to play this with a controller. Years of muscle memory got in the way, and I kept using the trigger to fire instead of holding myself in position. Also, although it’s common to need to stay still while shooting to avoid falling over a cliff, it’s not always a good idea to do so.

Some parts in Spectacular Sparky seem nearly like bullet hell, particularly later in the game or on a higher difficulty level (there are five to pick from). Sparky isn’t the most hardy yellow space bunny, even on the easiest setting. Death just returns you to the closest checkpoint, which is liberally placed, although reliving certain confrontations may be tedious.


Crazy bouncing

Sparky, on the other hand, may be a touch slow to move, and staying alive might be difficult when you’re being battered by missiles, evading diving adversaries, and attempting to fire in eight directions. Enemies toss explosives or throw items at you, and others rush towards you shouting, while environmental dangers such as spikes, fires, and buzz-saws add to the chaos.

Destroying foes drops golden stars, which restore Sparky’s health, but keep an eye on the heat meter on your weapon. It will cease operating for a minute if it overheats, which in this game is frequently long enough to overwhelm you.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many different weapon kinds to choose from. You have a multi-shot cannon, a flamethrower, a laser blaster, and homing missiles, which are far and away the most effective weapon in any circumstance. More diversity and maybe some wackier ideas would have been welcome. Instead, you’ll find a rather simple lineup here, all of which you’ll have tried by the conclusion of the first section.


Hopper in Space

You’ll encounter a boss fight at the conclusion of each level, and it’s no surprise that there are a few duds among the over twenty. In fact, the bosses are sometimes so uncomplicated that they are more of a bother than a genuine danger. Despite the fact that the difficulty increases as you continue, the mechanics of each game remain mostly the same. You just fire them while dodging, leaping, or running away from their strikes. They get more difficult as time goes on, but they never become large, convoluted concerns.

On occasion, a level will need you to leap into a vehicle. Of course, there’s Sparky’s trusty spacecraft, as well as a hang-glider and a jet-ski for traversing lava lakes. You can’t leap or sprint in vehicles, although the adversary mix and goals are more simple in these levels. All you have to do is blast, dodge, and get to the finish.

Humour is something Spectacular Sparky excels at. While not all of the jokes land, it is well-spoken, and the most of the comedy will be appreciated. It never quite crosses the line into crass or adult humour, but it comes close.

Sparky has a talent for getting people all up, and he often mocks bosses as he bursts through their different stages. There isn’t much of a story here, but it’s enough to set the tone for your excursions – which is probably all it requires.


Achievements and completion

The game Spectacular Sparky isn’t very lengthy. There are 24 levels spread over five planets, and completing them shouldn’t take more than five or six hours. The difficulty spikes may cause you to hesitate, but if they get too high, you can easily modify the difficulty level.

After finishing the game for the first time, you’ll be able to access Frenzy mode, which is an insanely difficult challenge for anybody who finds the basic game too easy.

Spectacular Sparky: Final Thoughts

Pros: Simple amusement It’s rather amusing at times. Beautiful aesthetic drawbacks Difficulty spikes have the potential to sabotage the flow. Boss battles are hit or miss. There isn’t much diversity.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

This is a game for lovers of old school platformers like Sam and Max, Earthworm Jim, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It’s a fast-paced combination of blasting and platforming, with some good voice acting and a vintage style.

It’s a charming homage to a simpler period when games were simply about having fun, despite certain difficulty spikes and a lack of general variation. For lovers of vintage action and old school thrills, it’s worth checking out since it’s irreverent, humorous, and playable.

Spectacular Sparky costs roughly $10.99 for PC and Nintendo Switch. On Steam, you can find the system requirements.

*Disclaimer: This review was conducted on Windows 10. The publisher gave the code.

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The “elion game” is a new and exciting game that has been released. It’s called the “Spectacular Sparky”. This game is very entertaining and will make you laugh.

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