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PatSnap’s patent search tool is designed to help innovators and entrepreneurs quickly search, analyze and monitor their patents and intellectual property. Utilizing powerful AI-driven insights, PatSnap’s patent search tool is transforming the way patent information is accessed, helping people to stay ahead of the game in the ever-evolving world of intellectual property.

This article will examine the unique features and benefits of PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool.

PatSnap raises $300m to boost patent search with AI

PatSnap is a patent search platform developed by IP engineers and scientists that uses artificial intelligence-driven technology to provide the most intelligent and comprehensive patent search experience. It helps entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, corporations, research centers and institutions access the data necessary to identify patents related to their products or services. PatSnap’s AI technology enables users to search across multiple countries and quickly uncover millions of relevant patent documents in seconds.

PatSnap’s AI-powered engine leverages deep learning algorithms that use natural language processing (NLP) to make searching more efficient. By leveraging this technology, PatSnap can lower the time spent searching for patents. Users can quickly identify related patents which save time in the long run when performing research or filing applications for a patent. The platform makes it easy to find information regarding upcoming events such as expirations on expired patents or potential infringements on existing patents.

Aside from automated features, PatSnap also provides analysis tools for users such as mapping of patent families by geography and citation maps that show which parties have been referencing each other’s patents over time. PatSnap offers customized solutions tailored specifically for individual clients depending on their needs and requirements from its flexible data allowance system allowing utmost convenience in accessing necessary information quickly. Ultimately allowing them more time focusing on promoting their product or service without worrying about any infringement violations they may commit.

PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool

PatSnap is an AI-powered patent search tool that helps companies research, monitor and manage their patent portfolios. PatSnap’s advanced machine learning techniques allow it to quickly access and analyze vast amounts of data, saving time and money for innovative companies looking to protect their intellectual property.

The tool utilizes Natural Language Processing technology to accurately interpret user requests and then searches through more than 120 million patents within a few seconds. It helps the user instantly find most relevant results across multiple patent databases by using its sophisticated algorithms to interpret user query terms in different languages while maintaining near perfect accuracy.

PatSnap’s machine learning technology also provides highly accurate insight into the protection landscape of a company’s patented technology or invention, allowing them to find opportunities for further patent protection or investments. Through its detailed analytics reports, customized graphs and insightful data visualizations, it makes understanding a portfolio of patents easier than ever before. This can give companies an edge in developing inventive solutions and managing their IP portfolios more effectively.

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Benefits of using PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool

PatSnap has raised $300 million to boost its patent search tool with AI. PatSnap’s patent search tool leverages machine learning and natural language processing to provide users with more accurate results for their patent searches.

PatSnap users can now access a powerful suite of tools and resources to help them identify, analyze, and manage the patents and patent applications in their portfolio.

In this article, we’ll examine the benefits of using PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool.

Quicker search results

PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool helps to reduce the time it takes to find relevant patents. PatSnap uses an advanced natural language processing technology and proprietary machine learning algorithms to take a search query and return a comprehensive list of relevant results in minutes. This eliminates the need for manual keyword searches, which can be time consuming and often inaccurate.

In addition, PatSnap can also perform semantic searches, using a unique natural language processing engine that understands the context of the search query and is more effective at capturing low frequency keywords. This ensures that all relevant results are returned without false positives or irrelevant matches, including documents in languages other than English. As a result, patent researchers can find all key patent information with one simple query.

Not only does this save time and energy compared to doing manual keyword searches through various sites, but it also helps to reduce costs as fewer resources are required, as well as reducing errors due to incorrect results or missed matches.

Improved accuracy

PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool is designed to make it easier and faster for businesses to conduct research and understand the patent landscape. It combines innovative machine learning algorithms with a vast library of patent documents to provide more accurate results than manual searches.

With PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool, you can quickly analyze intellectual property worldwide using a range of metrics including technology type, status, applicant/holder, expiration date and other custom fields. It also provides information such as family size and ownership structure, legal status updates, current assignees and grantees. As part of its analysis capabilities, PatSnap provides advanced fuzzy logic for more specific searching. This solution offers access to rich data that can be used for competitive intelligence or market research in addition to traditional patent searching.

AI-driven analytics provide an efficient way to make better decisions faster by enabling users to uncover hidden insights from large datasets quickly while improving accuracy simultaneously. PatSnap’s advanced filtering ability makes it easy to narrow your search to get the most relevant results even if your query is slightly off target. The wide range of visualizations helps users identify potential infringement cases or identify competitors faster while facilitating collaboration among team members by helping them stay up-to-date on industry news and trends related to their search activity. Overall, utilizing an AI-powered patent search tool improves accuracy by providing comprehensive insight into your research query through comprehensive analytics which are otherwise incredibly cumbersome using traditional methods such as manual searches or non-AI powered software solutions.

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Easier access to patent data

PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool is designed to make patent data more accessible, giving users easier and faster access to the information they need. With this powerful tool, researchers can quickly and efficiently gather patent data from millions of sources worldwide, which can be used for various purposes such as researching new technologies, innovating new products, or just looking for ideas.

Using AI-driven technology, PatSnap’s database of published patents is constantly growing and updating in real time as new patent information is published everyday. This ensures that users have access to the latest and most relevant data available at any given moment. PatSnap’s search algorithms can also quickly process large amounts of data with ease, making it easier for many different industries to quickly find the relevant intellectual properties they require.

In addition to giving users easy access to patents and related intellectual property information, PatSnap’s AI-powered search tool also makes it possible for them to observe trends across multiple jurisdictions in real time. Researchers can gain valuable insights into technologies through predictive analytics powered by the latest artificial intelligence algorithms. This can help innovators and inventors identify gaps or opportunities not previously considered possible. Finally, as a cloud based platform powered by an automated system that can easily store vast amounts of information in its database, PatSnap makes collaborative research a breeze – meaning professionals from various fields can easily share findings and help each other with research needs much faster than was previously possible.

PatSnap’s recent funding

PatSnap recently raised $300M in a funding round to join the ranks of unicorns focused on AI-powered patent search tools. This new capital will enable the company to build on its existing technology and expand its capabilities.

This strategic move is expected to have a positive impact on PatSnap’s patent search tools, and in this article we will discuss why this is the case.

Overview of PatSnap’s $300m funding

PatSnap, the leading innovator in AI-powered patent search and analytics, has recently announced a funding round of $300 million. This investment will help PatSnap to continue to develop its technology and create world-leading products in the AI-enabled patent search tools market.

The investor consortium is led by Singapore’s Temasek Holdings. It includes SoftBank Vision Fund, Global Brain Corporation, GGV Capital, Tal Ventures, Blackrock Inc., Mubadala Investment Company PJSC., HiSun Capital and Insignia Ventures Partners. This expanded investor base will provide the platform with access to expertise from various financial, strategic and operational disciplines that can support PatSnap globally as it continues its mission to provide patent search tools for any industry.

The investment will be used for further expansion of PatSnap’s product portfolio which covers a range of applications designed for companies looking for new opportunities through technology or identifying risks within established businesses. Their platform offers customers innovative business intelligence solutions that deliver insights that enable informed decisions related to patents held by competitors or utilize deep level analysis to identify market trends before committing to significant investments.

This funding round strengthens PatSnap’s position as an industry leader in AI-powered search technology in the global intellectual property market while expanding its customer base across various industries worldwide. With this additional capital injection comes the opportunity for PatSnap to continue improving their existing products while exploring untapped markets to deliver on their promise of providing their customers with best-in-class AI patent analytics solutions.

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How this funding will be used to boost patent search with AI

PatSnap, a leading AI-powered patent search tool has recently been granted $60 million in Series D funding. These funds will be used to further expand the capabilities of PatSnap’s IP Intelligence platform, allowing more effective and efficient patent searching.

The increased funding will be used to continue development of PatSnap’s existing products and services as well as to add new features and offerings. Specifically, the company plans to drive innovation within its AI-based patent search tools, designed to comb through billions of patent documents quickly and accurately. This will significantly reduce the time users can begin researching patents related to their projects, saving both time and money.

Additionally, PatSnap’s increased funding will also help accelerate development of its comprehensive suite of IP intelligence products that allow users to analyze key trends in technology markets all over the world quickly. This includes leveraging natural language processing (NLP) for automated analysis and a deep learning system for patent technology classification—making it easier for researchers worldwide to make informed decisions on their R&D investments into new technologies.

Finally, with its new Series D funding round, PatSnap is investing heavily in R&D to continue delivering a world-class experience for enterprise customers seeking more analytics-driven access to actionable insights from their data -all delivered with state-of-the-art customer support capabilities including comprehensive onboarding assistance and professional services.

In sum, this latest funding round allows PatSnap to expand its platform’s capabilities even further than before while continuing its commitment towards providing an unparalleled experience in patented search development and research support globally.


PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool is an efficient and powerful for quick and accurate patent search. It has revolutionized the way users search for patents and has made it much easier for them to find the most relevant ones.

With its powerful AI capabilities, it can quickly analyze large volumes of patent data, identify trends and opportunities, and provide high-quality results. Its latest $300 million raise is evidence of its success in providing quality patent search solutions.

In conclusion, it can be said that PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool is a great option for those who want to quickly and accurately find the most relevant patents.

Summary of PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool

PatSnap’s AI-powered patent search tool provides users with a powerful and reliable method to find patents and other related intellectual property from various sources. This patent search technology works by combining patented and unpatented data, as well as conducting semantic, topic, keyword and cross-referencing searches to find the most relevant results.

PatSnap’s software is designed to offer informative and objective insights into technical aspects of patents that would otherwise be inaccessible or difficult to uncover. This technology can produce search results faster than manual patent searches while providing an optimized degree of accuracy.

Additionally, PatSnap’s software has been integrated with other platforms like AI algorithms, predictive analytics algorithms, and an interactive visual interface to make the patent searching process easier for users. Using these advanced features, businesses can quickly identify new market trends or opportunities for improved inventions using PatSnap’s patent solutions.

Summary of PatSnap’s recent funding round and how it will benefit users

PatSnap has just successfully closed an additional funding round worth nearly $300 million, one of the biggest investments in the patent search industry in recent years. This funding will help PatSnap build an even better AI-powered patent search tool for businesses worldwide. By leveraging AI technologies, user’s searches will become faster and more efficient, allowing users to find more relevant results from an exponentially larger database.

With its latest infusion of capital, PatSnap plans to expand its current global presence, as well as its number of data sources and databases available to customers. Moreover, not only does the company plan to enhance its existing suite of products and services; it also plans on launching a new fee-based information system designed specifically for professional IP researchers. PatSnap’s latest round of investment has positioned them to become one of the leading players in the market.

By investing heavily into cutting-edge AI technologies and growing their worldwide database capacity, companies like PatSnap can provide end users with patented search results quickly and accurately – big wins for innovators across all industries. This secure financial backing will enable businesses to make smarter decisions when licensing third party patents and reduce the time they need to take prior action when faced with potential infringement issues.

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