April Fool’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means. It’s time to play tricks on your friends and family! Here are some of our favorite apps for getting pranks in before the big day.

The april fools pranks over the phone is a list of 10 apps that can be used to prank people on April Fool’s Day.

Top 10 Android Apps to Get April Fool's Day Pranks for Everyone

Last April Fool’s Day was the most memorable day of my life since I was duped by my pals (don’t laugh) who invited me to a party on April 1st, and as a naive young man, I forgot the date, booked a hotel, but no one showed up. I got concerned, called them, and they all laughed at me to make me seem foolish. However, after the booking time, they arrived, and we all had a great time since my friends had previously scheduled the time later than me, just to make me wait and be nervous. But today, in the year 2021, I’m looking for healthier methods to make people laugh on April Fools Day, and while browsing the internet, I came across a number of April Fools Day 2021 applications for Android. All of these applications exposed me to incredible practical jokes and pranks, and they will also provide you with fresh April Fool’s Day ideas to share joy. You may use these applications for pranks at any time, not just on April Fool’s Day.

Examine the top 10 April Fool’s Day applications for Android listed below to discover the finest one that offers the most April Fool’s Day pranks.

The greatest game to deceive your pals is Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank. You may show them the bomb and the countdown on your screen. The genuine sound, explosion, and shattered screen effects will startle and then amuse your friends.


This is a unique April Fool’s Day software that will provide you with mind-blowing ideas for making fun of your pals. There are over 100 April Fool’s Day pranks that you may perform at work, at home, and on the streets. This app also includes numerous fascinating movies and explanations if you don’t comprehend the pranks.

Real Air Horn (Prank) lets you deceive your friends with genuine air horns, ship noises, train voices, and other sounds. When the train sounds on the street, the people who will pass you up will strangely glance here and there, even frightened. You’ll love watching the people’s shocked reactions. When you link this software to a loud sound system, it becomes the greatest April Fool’s Day joke.

Many people believe in ghosts, and they are feared by nearly everyone. This software provides you with a large number of ghost photographs in white and black outfits that you may use to create fresh April Fool’s Day pranks. When someone uses your camera to snap a picture, the ghost will emerge along with frightening noises, frightening your pals.

This software contains over 150 hilarious prank calls. You may tease someone with your favorite prank call and watch how they respond. For instance, the call will ask your buddy, “why do you contact my female friend?” (the reaction will give you a lot of laughter). This, as well as many other kinds of prank calls, are ideal for April Fool’s Day pranks. You may also keep track of the responses and make the three free prank calls per day.


By utilizing this software, you may simply accuse people of “breaking my phone’s screen,” despite the fact that your screen will stay intact. When someone touches your screen, genuine cracking noises will play, and the shattered screen, fire screen, and electric screen effects will be shown to others. You may perform this April Fool’s Day prank on various people since the software will show a fresh design of a damaged screen each time.

Whoopee Cushion is the perfect choice if you want to perform wicked April Fool’s Day pranks. You may use this app to make others smile or humiliate them. Realistic farting or insane noises have been recorded here, and when you click the button, they will do the job for you. You can also use the timer to play the sounds automatically.

If you want to frighten your pals, you should include this app on your April Fool’s Day pranks list. You may set the time and give over your phone to your buddy, and then a frightening image and terrifying noises will display on your screen. Your buddy will be terrified. You may choose from a wide range of terrifying images, including dolls, ghosts, clowns, blind men, and more.

Tell your pals that you’re getting a call from one of the world’s most gorgeous females when, in fact, she doesn’t exist. You may choose any kind of girl’s picture and the timing for the phony call. You may also use this app as an April Fool’s Day prank on someone special who is envious of you or to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

This game contains 14 hilarious April Fool’s Day pranks, including long and short farting noises, a damaged screen, a fake crash, an emergency call, a finger print scanner, a blue screen of death, scissors, and more.

Do these Android applications assist you in finding the greatest April 1st pranks? Which April Fool’s Day pranks do you want to attempt this year on April 1st, 2021? Newzoogle would appreciate hearing from you through email and comments.


The april fools pranks for boyfriend is a list of the top 10 Android apps that can be used to prank your friends and family.

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