The riddle is a question or a short sentence that points to some type of dilemma. The most common kind of joke with this format is the “knock knock” jokes. Those are basically riddles where someone is knocking on the door or something else and you have to guess who it is. There are also simple riddles that do not have any knock knock element.

A short, witty remark that has a funny point – this is the general idea of what a joke is, but there are exceptions to every rule. However, in most cases jokes do not make sense or it’s hard to see their point at first because they are designed in such a way to deceive the listener into thinking that the opposite of what is said is true. A short or long story that has a funny point – this type of joke uses hyperbole to exaggerate and even distort reality. Jokes in this category can be combined with one above, such as the riddle jokes. For example, “Knock knock.”Who’s there? “Banana.” Banana who ” It doesn’t make sense, but this is just the beginning of the small story that culminates in a funny punchline, which is basically making fun of someone stupid.

What do you call it jokes

This type of joke uses a play on words, which is why it’s sometimes called a double entrende. Jokes in this category also include puns and other wordplay that usually have a funny point or punchline. There are many different types of jokes. Even though you cannot classify them all, there are several main categories. For example, jokes can use a play on words – a play on words is when you substitute one word for another which sounds similar or identical. The joke might also be simply a witty remark.

Jokes can be divided into several categories

For example, there are short jokes that consist of a setup and a punchline. The second category includes long jokes which have one or more flashbacks in them. A third category has several different types of jokes an example being the “Knock knock” joke. There is also a type of joke called a pun or a play on words. The final type of joke is a humorous anecdote.

This could have been better titled “Types Of Comedy” instead because that’s what jokes are, just one form of comedy. There are many types of humor including jokes, anecdotes, funny stories or just witty remarks. The list of categories for jokes could go on forever though since there are so many different types. Some of the most common include puns, riddles and knock-knock jokes.

Jokes can be classified according to their structure

The setup is the initial part of the joke where you describe a situation or give instructions on how something should happen. The punchline is what follows after the setup when someone says something unexpected. In some types of jokes, the setup and punchline are part of a longer story or anecdote which creates a humorous effect. The other main type of joke is a short witty remark that has a funny point to it. Many types of humor can be considered a type of joke but there are also different categories for them as well.

There are jokes that rely on wordplay

One example of this is the pun which is a play on words. A play on words is when someone substitutes one word for another that sounds alike or identical. There are also types of jokes that use riddles, knock-knock jokes and other similar forms. One of the most common jokes in this category is the “Knock knock” joke. Jokes can be recorded in writing which is why they are often found in books and other published forms. However, many jokes originate orally like most other types of humor.


Jokes are meant to be funny so it’s not really possible to define every single type of joke. Different people have different tastes when it comes to what types of jokes they find the funniest. Some people might think knock-knock jokes are boring while others might get a kick out of them, but one thing for sure is that jokes are always an entertaining form of comedy.