What is a concrete on fallout 4? This is the question that pretty much everyone who plays Fallout 4 has asked themselves at one point or another. If you are like me, you probably said something along the lines of “It’s used to make stuff stronger”, but I’m here to tell you exactly what concrete does in Fallout 4 and why it is important.

Your first encounter with concrete will likely be at Sanctuary Hills, where you and your family take up residence. To the right of the trailer is Elder Maxson’s old house (The one that isn’t on fire) and nearby there is a workbench in the garage. If you go inside, straight to the left of the entrance is a little alcove with two lockers and on top of them is a yellow crate. This crate contains concrete and will likely be your first encounter with it.

Where can i find concrete in fallout 4

In Fallout 4, concrete is a multi-purpose material. It can be used to make structures sturdier or to build objects in a settlement. You can find it in a ruined house in Sanctuary near the work bench. If you follow the main story quest, you can loot a crate full of 10 units of it from a yellow crate in Maxson’s quarters on The Prydwen. You can also find it in the Glowing Sea, where the military base rests at the top of a mountain. It is under one of the tents on the left side (if you are facing forwards).

What does concrete do in Fallout 4?

So what exactly can you do with this stuff? Well, it is used to strengthen structures or objects that you build in your settlement or create new objects. For example, say you decide to make a guard tower over at one of the settlements. You can use concrete on any wood-based platform to make it sturdier and thus more able to hold up against enemy gunfire and such. You can also use it to create an armory and thusly, you won’t have to worry about your settlers running out of ammo after firing a few shots.

How do you get concrete in fallout 4?

Another one of its uses is to build new objects in your settlement, such as guard posts or new beds and such. If you want to build a new bed at your settlement, you can use 25 units of it along with 200 wood and 75 steel (if that sounds like too much work) or you can simply go up to the workbench, choose “Building Materials” and select “Concrete”.

Fallout 4 Concrete runs out?

“I keep making beds and the concrete option won’t be there anymore.” – This is a pretty common issue that I have seen quite a few people complaining about. You can fix this problem by going to another settlement or workshop, using the bed that you want to build then go back to your original settlement. The concrete should no longer run out and you will be able to build as many beds as your heart desires.

Well, I hope that this brief guide was able to answer some of your questions about Fallout 4 Concrete and that it helped you understand the material a lot better. Please let us know in the comments section if we missed anything or if you have any further inquiries.


Fallout 4 Concrete is a material that you can use to build better structures and objects at your settlement. It can be scarce and hard to find, so it might be a good idea to build some beds and store them in the workshop just in case you need more of it. Thanks for reading!