Overwatch is a new first-person shooter video game that has been developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 24th, 2016. The game allows players to control over 20 different heroes with their own abilities on the battlefields.

What is an Overwatch Placement Match and what are its purposes?

Also known as Overwatch Competitive Play, it is a new game mode and the proper successor of the former Ranked Match feature. With this new game mode, players can compete against one another on two different ranks: Challenger and Legendary.

Both of these ranks will be split into 10 divisions each, but Blizzard only mentioned the lowest three ones so far:

Bronze (1-1000)

Silver (1001-1500)

Gold (1501-2000)

Placement matches will help to determine the initial rank of a player. The ranks are meant to give players an idea about how they compare with other players of their region and will not directly match them up against opponents of similar skill levels.

How do you play in a Placement Match and what are the rules involved?

First of all, a player must have reached level 25 within the same week as their desired play period. In order to participate in a Placement Match during a given season, players must enter the Competitive Play queue before midnight UTC on the Thursday prior to the intended starting date of their first match.

After this condition has been met, it will be possible for a player to complete as many Placement Matches as needed in order to place themselves into one of the 10 divisions within their region and Skill Rating tier.

How does Placement Matches work Overwatch

Placement Matches are an important part of the Overwatch game. They determine a player’s starting rank for Competitive Play. Players will be placed in a match with other players of similar skill levels. The results of the placement matches will help to determine a player’s starting rank for their first season in Competitive Play. Players can earn up to 50 ranks, and each rank has its own unique rewards.

What rewards can you get from playing in a Placement Match and how does it affect your ranking in Overwatch League Play Season 2 Playoffs bracket seeding ?

Firstly, a player will receive a number of Competitive Points based on the highest rank they have achieved during a season. The more wins you get in your placement matches, the higher reward you will be to receive. Winning all 10 placement matches is an excellent way to quickly boost the amount of competitive points earned for that season.

Secondly, it also depends on how you ranked within your own skill tier. A player who ranks first in Silver I will not earn the same amount of points as the fifth rank in Gold III. The system will reward players based on their highest achieved rank, but each player’s final number of Competitive Points for that season is limited by their performance during placement matches.

Lastly, a player will also receive a number of Competitive Points at the end of each season. These points are added to an overall pool that cannot be carried over from one season to another, but various factors such as rank and skill tier will determine how many points you can earn within your first season.

Placement Matches give players with little experience in Overwatch a chance to climb the ladder and get an idea about how they compare with other players of their region.

Who should try out for a placement match and who should avoid them altogether ?

Players who just recently started playing Overwatch and those players who have not practiced enough will benefit from participating in a Placement Match. Having the best possible rank at the start of a new season is beneficial to every player.

On the other hand, players with an extensive experience throughout Overwatch can be placed higher than what they deserve, hurting their chances of winning potential rewards during that season.