Octavia is a rapier-like polearm that warframes use to create powerful sonic attacks using music. She can make otherwise difficult missions hilariously easy by creating her own “dubstep” which increases attack/defense of everyone within range of the soundwaves.

Her passive ability is unparalleled; it’s supposed to be similar to Rhino’s, but with a twist: she can choose which of her songs to play on the fly. This increases attack speed and movement speed significantly.

Warframe How to Change Octavia Music

In order to change Octavia’s music, you must first equip her. This can be done from your Arsenal in your ship by going into the Appearance section and selecting a loadout with the weapon equipped.

Once you have selected a play style for Octavia, pressing ‘X’ on PC (or ‘A’ on Xbox) will allow you to select which song you would like to play.

If you’re not happy with the selection of songs Octavia has, you can purchase additional effects from Baro Ki’Teer. These can be found under the Instruments section of his wares, and include tunes such as “Despot” or “Galvanized”.

How to Get Octavia

You can purchase Octavia from the Market in the Instruments section. You will need to have a Mastery Rank of 3 or higher to equip her, and if you want to use additional effects with your Octavia an MR of 4 is recommended.

What are the Octavia abilities

Octavia abilities are located in the Abilities section of your Arsenal. This ability stays active all throughout battle, meaning you can play different songs to change up your combos without needing to recast the ability ever 3 seconds or so like some other Warframes.

Octavia’s 1st (Left) ability is Sonic Boom . Casting this will cause Octavia to emit a high-frequency soundwave that deals damage to enemies within range. Using this ability costs 25 energy, but it’s rarely an issue because the energy requirements are so low.

Octavia’s 2nd (Right) ability is Resonator . This is one of her most powerful abilities, as it will allow you to summon up to 4 cubes that will increase your damage/defense by playing a melody of their own. There are 4 different types of Resonators, each with its own unique ability that it will cast on you or an ally if they step within range.

Octavia’s 3rd (Down) ability is Percussion . This is the least useful, as this causes a small beat to be played on a drum that will send enemies flying, knocking them down. You can use this ability to propel yourself upwards as well, so if you have a Jump Pad or an ally with a “Kick” augment equipped, you can jump/kick off of enemies and gain additional height/distance from your jumps.

Examples of songs that would work well with her abilities

Offensive songs

Dubstep – Skrillex  – High energetic songs are perfect for Sonic Boom. The higher energy cost of this ability makes it likely that you will run out of energy before you can kill everything in range with it, however.

Pumped up – Hailee Steinfeld  . Pumped Up will give you an increase to movement speed, making it easy to run away from difficult enemies.

Warrior – Imagine Dragons  – Another high-energy song with a slower tempo that’s perfect for Sonic Boom spamming. Great if you’re using Resonator as well, since they’ll join in on the beat of the song.

Defensive songs

Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes  – A sweet, slow song that makes it perfect for Resonator. If you’re getting overwhelmed by enemies, pop this on and some nice cubes will spawn to help you out!

My Moon My Man (Acoustic) – Feist  – This is a very calming song with a nice, slow tempo. It’s similar to Mr. Sandman but has some slightly more upbeat sections in it (sounding like she says “Ma Ma Man” on occasion).

The Greatest – Sia  – This is another calm song that would be great for Resonator, and will also help you regain health faster than normal!


Octavia is a really fun Warframe to play around with. She’s the first true support-style warframe in the game, so if you’ve ever wanted to be able to heal/buff your allies, give her a try!

Thank you for reading my article about Octavia! If there are any other warframes you would like me to write about, leave a comment and I’ll consider it.