The most well-known attack of the popular Pokémon Pikachu is probably his lightning attack, Thunder Jolt. Many fans know that this electric attack shoots out balls of electricity and can paralyze opponents. However, there are some people who still do not know the first and most famous of Pikachu’s attacks: “Pi-Kachu!”

Although the attack was not very well-known at first, its name became known because of Playhouse Disney’s English dubs. The phrase “Pi-Kachu” contains many hidden meanings behind it. For example, “pika”, which is said by Pikachu during the attack, is Japanese for a sound effect of an electric spark. Pikachu’s voice actress, Ikue Otani, is quoted as saying that she was originally told to say “chaa” for the sound effect of electricity, but decided to change it to “pika.”

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Another hidden meaning in the attack is “pika” being written the same way as lightning would be pronounced in Japanese, which is also “pika”. Another example of this is the added emphasis on syllables. The first uses two long sounds while the latter just one short sound.

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Additionally, the “Kachu” part of the name is a reference to Pikachu’s Japanese name. In Japan, ピカチュウ (Pikachuu) is how you write Pikachu in hiragana. However, native speakers often leave out the middle syllable when saying its name quickly. The extra “k” in the middle helps to improve pronunciation.

Finally, there is also a hidden meaning in how you say/write the name in romaji (foreign words written with the English alphabet). The ending “chuu” could be said either as “chu” or “chu.” By writing it as “kachu,” you are specifically reminding people to say the longer, more drawn out pronunciation.

Pikachu is known for his powerful electric attacks

Thunder Jolt is also a popular attack, but “Pi-Kachu” was the very first physical move he ever used. Despite this, no anime episode or movie has shown Pikachu using this attack since the second episode of the Pokémon anime series. There are many possibilities as to why this might be. One possibility is that it could be because Pikachu has learned stronger attacks since then. After all, he does receive a thunderstone in the episode “Electric Shock Showdown” and evolves into a Raichu later on. Another explanation could be that it is just simply because of logistics. It would require reanimating the scene and changing the colors on Pikachu’s cheeks to yellow instead of red. In the original Japanese version, Pikachu’s costume is already yellow in color so this was not a problem. However, when you have to deal with different time zones and countries who have to edit these episodes, it can be very difficult for them to change everything.

These attacks are all very powerful and can easily take down enemies in battle

However, these moves do not come without their own problems. Each time Pikachu uses “Pi-Kachu,” his cheeks become red and he cannot use another move until they return to their yellow color. This is because it requires so much electricity to create such a powerful attack that his body can only produce it once before needing to recharge. This is also one of the reasons for Pikachu’s low health points.


There are many reasons as to why Pikachu’s most famous attack has not been used recently. Despite this, it is still considered one of the best attacks he has and remains an important part of his history. Not only that, but because of its hidden meanings, “Pi-Kachu” will always be a classic move for fans both new and old to remember.