Do you want to know the answer of this question? If yes then you are at right place. In this article I am going to tell what is pokedex and why it’s important for a trainer who wants to be a pokemon master.

Pokedex is a smart phone app which can store data on different types of pokemons with information about their abilities, stats, moves etc. In this app you can see the full pokedex of different pokemon’s with its types, ability and power. You can also search for a specific pokemons which is not present in your list.

What dragon pokemon are you

What dragon pokemon are you looking for? I want to know about seadra. Seadra is a water and dragon type pokemon which evolves from seadra at level 32 and its moves are bubble, smokescreen, dragonbreath and hydro pump. Seadra’s ability is poison point, sniper and guts. Its weight is 55kg and height 7’8″.

What is a Pokedex?

A pokedex is a smart phone application that collects data on all the pokemon species. It also allows the user to see what attacks each species can use and their stats. The information used by a pokedex is all known by pokemon trainers as they have to learn about them in order to become better trainers.

How does it work?

Pokedex basically works the same way a human brain works. Each pokemon has a specific set of data attached to them, which is collected by pokingex and put into it’s memory bank. It also retains the memory of every event that happened in suvivor series, when an incident occurred with a particular pokemon species or when a new pokemon species was discovered. Pokedex is a device used by all pokemon trainers to keep track of their creatures and can even be considered a trainer’s “bible”.

Why do you need a pokedex?

A pokedex helps in keeping a record of all the pokemon that the trainer has encountered. It also provides information on new pokemon that have been discovered. However, the pokedex cannot be used for all pokemon species and can only retrive information on certain types of pokemon. Moreover, it is not 100 percent accurate in its information as the pokedex collects data from different sources like newspapers, magazines etc, which can sometimes provide conflicting details about a single pokemon. Pokedex is a useful item for all pokemon trainers.

Why use one?

A pokedex is the best way to track all of your pokemon in one easy-to-use app. Pokedex allows users to keep track of different stats, abilities, and moves for all their pokemon. The pokedex can help you learn more about Pokemon that are already owned or ones that you plan on getting! This is the only way to keep track of the pokemon you’ve captured, as well as their moves and abilities. So it is very useful for all I think.

What are the types of pokedexs?

There are several types of Pokemon which can be classified depending upon their color, shape or purpose. The list includes: Human Pokedex, Android Pokedex, Professional Pokedex and Virtual Pokedex.

What is the pokedex entry for Dragonite?

One of dragonites’s most notable features is its large tail. The tail is used to store oxygen, so Dragonite can fly long distances without breathing. Another key feature of the pokemon is its ability to float mid air. This unique ability, combined with its very sharp vision, allows Dragonite to spot prey from more than 5 miles away.


Pokedex is a virtual device which provides information on pokemon’s types, attacks and other details. All trainers carry this device with them as it helps them in catching new pokemon by providing full information on their prey. It can even help you learn more about your already captured ones! Keeping track of your pokemon has never been easier that now!