Amethyst Shard is one of the several items that you can use to repair and recharge your Enchanted Book. This article will cover where to find and use amethyst shard in minecraft, as well as what to do with them at the end of it all.

First, though, let’s give a quick explanation on how books work.

How Books Work in Minecraft

Books are one of the most useful tools that you can have in Minecraft, especially when you get into enchanting your gear or trying to build something difficult. Each book is an individual entry for a specific enchantment, and if you want to change what enchantment is being applied on your tool, you either have to damage it or get a new book.

Books can break, however, and since each enchantment has its own specific level requirement (this is the number next to the little infinity symbol in red), books that are too low-leveled will not work on your tool. Thankfully there’s another way to keep enchantments, which brings us to amethyst shards.

Amethyst Shard in Minecraft

Amethyst Shards are effective substitute materials for your enchanted books, allowing you to keep enchantments on your tools even after the book has become unusable. Keep in mind that most enchantments require higher-leveled books with a stronger charge to use, but with amethysts shards it’ll be possible. Here’s a list of enchantments and the requirements for each:

Book Enchantment Amethyst Shard Level Chance* Feather Falling I 9 1/9 (11%) Feather Falling II 13 5/9 (60%) Feather Falling III 17 3/9 (33%) Feather Falling IV 20 7/9 (78%) Fire Aspect I 12 1/9 (11%) Fire Aspect II 16 3/9 (33%) Fire Aspect III 20 7/9 (78%) Looting I 11 1/9 (11%) Looting II 15 3/9 (33%) Looting III 19 5/9 (56%) Sweeping Edge I 14 1/9 (11%) Sweeping Edge II 18 5/9 (56%) Sweeping Edge III 22 3/9 (33%) Haste I 15 1/2 (50%) Haste II 19 2/2 (100%) *Chance is the percentage of amethyst shards required to successfully apply enchantments. Note that amethyst shards can only be used on items whose material is “STONE.”

Amethyst Shards in Minecraft: How to Use Them

Amethyst shards are extremely useful tools for keeping enchantments on your books, but they’re only found in deep caves and at high altitudes. These environments can be very dangerous, but if you’re willing to put yourself in the fray then amethysts shard is a definite option for enchantment storage.

How do you get amethyst shards in minecraft

Here’s a list of blocks and materials that produce amethyst shards:

Blocks & Materials That Cause Amethyst Shard Generation Coal Ore Iron Ore Gold Ore Redstone Ore Diamond Ore Emerald Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore Nether Quartz ore Blocks of Gold, Silver or Lead Any variant of Cobalt Block Blocks of Calcite Blocks of Dolomite Blocks of Malachite Blocks of Platinum Ore Blocks of Ruby Ore Gold, Silver and Lead Variants

You can also get amethyst shards by trading with villager priests.

As far as acquiring all this stuff goes, you’ll need to take a look at our Minecraft Guide: Mining Ores or the Mining Tier List for more information on how to get them.

The best place to use amethyst shards is in the creation of an enchantment table

Enchantment tables are a fairly complex method of enchanting items in Minecraft, and is a great way to get into the art of it. You’ll need a lot of gold and experience to make an enchantment table, but once you do you’ll be able to enchant basically anything from diamond tools/armor to stone swords. Unless you’re aiming to enchant tools, you’ll need an enchantment table and a lot of experience.

Enchantments such as Infinity I and Silk Touch I requires many bookshelves and high-leveled books to use, so if you’re trying for these enchantments then it might be best to practice on lower-tier items before moving onto diamond gear. If you’re just starting out, then you should probably stick with the usual enchantments for your books. For example, Bane of Arthropods IV is fairly expensive but it’s also one of the best tools for dealing with spiders and other bugs.


Amethyst shards are great for keeping enchantments on your books, but it’s not advised to use them with high-leveled ones. If you’re just starting out then the usual simple enchantments will be best for you, otherwise go all out and see what you can make of amethysts shard!