There was a report from the Security Analyst of MEGA BRUTAL, Mr. Joel Acedillo yesterday who claimed he got infected by the new Nano Virus called as Nanomites which brought down his system completely through an error message on his PC screen. “I thought this is just going to be a normal update for my PC’s system, but after I clicked the update and restarted my PC to complete the process. This is what happened,” said Acedillo in an interview with a local news reporter in Mega Brutal.

Acedillo is one of the most known gamers in Mega Brutal and was able to finished “Zombieland” which he always brags about it before. He immediately reported the incident to the popular gaming magazine called “Gamer’s Digest” and was advised to disconnect his PC from internet connection once he get back home.

How to beat plague inc nano virus

“I thought I will never get infected with a virus since I am a long time member of MEGA BRUTAL and also a gamer who got the highest score in ‘Zombieland’ but this is something that can affect even me,” Acedillo said.

When the interview was over, Mr. Joel Acedillo immediately called his friend and asked him to buy him a new PC system.

The Gamer’s Digest saw this as an opportunity to warn its member about the newly released Nano Virus on Mega Brutal which can destroy your PC. The Gamer’s Digest advised gamers to always check the updates of their systems before updating it, especially if they are using MEGA BRUTAL.

What is Nano Virus?

Acedillo said that his PC is still under repair and it can take at least 2 to 3 days before he will be able to play again. “My advice for gamers who are planning to join MEGA BRUTAL, please check your system’s updates first before you click the update button,” Acedillo added.

The virus is described as a Nano Virus and can bring down your PC completely and it will also spread to other PC’s which you have common files with.

How to Prevent and Treat Nano Virus Infection

The Gamer’s Digest also revealed this information from a reliable source that the virus has been classified as a category C virus which they categorized it in three types of viruses. Category A is very easy to cure and can be treated overnight, category B takes a day or two to be cured and category C is a very difficult one since it can take weeks to be cured.

Nanomites is the latest virus in MEGA BRUTAL which can destroy your PC if not treated immediately.

The Symptoms of the Disease

The following are the symptoms of Nanomites which you might experience if you are infected with this.

Nanomites can be implanted in your PC through downloading software’s, games or updating your system. After it got inside your computer just wait for around 5-10 minutes and an error message will appear on your screen. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet before you get infected with this virus.

After 10 minutes, a window will appear on your PC screen which tells you that all of the files in your system are corrupted and it needs to be fixed immediately. It also deletes some files from your hard drive so make sure that you have a copy or backup of it.


Nanomites is a newly released virus in MEGA BRUTAL and your PC might get destroyed once you got infected by it. We advise all gamers to check their updates first before updating it especially if you are using MEGA BRUTAL since the virus will only infect PCs which has common files with yours. Keep in mind that you will only get the virus when you update your PC.