When Windows 10 came out there was a new feature in File History that allowed to back up folders such as Documents, Pictures and Desktop. This then became an important part of computer backup strategies for many users. However, after the recent update to Windows 11 this has been removed from file history causing frustration among some people who rely on it for backups.,

The “windows 11 file history add folder” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released an update to fix the issue.

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  • The File History tool from Microsoft is losing an essential function.
  • The Add Folder option is no longer available, which is disappointing.
  • Documents, images, and pre-made folders are the only things you can back up for now.
  • Many people now believe that Redmond is attempting to push OneDeive as a backup solution.


The Add a Folder option has been removed from Windows 11’s File History tool, meaning you can only back up documents, images, and other pre-made folders.

You might pay for some OneDrive storage as an option.

Microsoft is removing backup functionality in order to promote OneDrive.

File History is Microsoft’s primary backup tool, initially introduced in Windows 8, and allows users to back up selected folders to an external drive automatically.

To be more specific, the functionality functions similarly to an automated cloud storage solution that sits on your desk and does not cost $15 per month.

Users of Windows 11 are outraged by the situation, as it seems that Microsoft is removing functionality from the operating system in order to make a OneDrive subscription more enticing.

Users could pick which directories to automatically back up using File History in past Windows editions, if our memory serves us right.


These folders might be located anywhere on your hard drive, but with Windows 11, users can only back up documents, photographs, movies, downloads, contacts, and other Microsoft-designed folders.

So, if you rely on File History and have become used to it, you may continue to use Windows 10 for the time being.

Despite the fact that Windows 11 was launched as a full product, it is still problematic and lacks some of its greatest features.

However, if you’ve already switched to the new operating system, check to see whether File History is backing up your crucial files.

Consider moving folders into Documents and other Microsoft-approved locations to ensure that they’re backed up automatically.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The “turn on file history windows 10” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released an update to fix the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is file history being discontinued?

A: File History is currently only available on the Windows 10 version of GOG Galaxy.

Is Windows 10 file history still supported?

A: Windows 10 no longer has a file history feature.

Does Windows 11 have backup?

A: Yes, Windows 11 has a backup.

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