Sling TV is a low-cost streaming service that offers live television, on demand entertainment and some original content for $20 per month. This week you can try the service free without even having to provide your credit card information!

Sling TV is a live streaming service that allows users to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. The service has now added the ability for people to try out the service for free for two weeks. Users will not need to provide any credit card information in order to sign up.

This is a fantastic time to sign up for Sling TV if you haven’t already done so. Sling now offers two weeks of free service without requiring financial information.


Signing up for a streaming service is straightforward, and most of them offer a free trial. While some free trials are better than others or last longer, they always require the user to provide payment information at the time of registration. This might be a hassle if you’re not sure whether you’ll stick with the service.

Customers that sign up for Sling TV are normally required to provide payment information at the outset. Sling has removed the payment portion of the sign-up process to help those who are currently confined to their homes due to the coronavirus. This is in addition to the 14-day free trial period.


Sling has virtually opened up its Sling Blue package here, providing consumers with access to over 45 live TV channels as well as hundreds of on-demand movies and shows. There’s also 10 hours of cloud DVR and the ability to view on up to three screens at once.

Stay in & Sling 2 is the latest installment in the Stay in & Sling series.

Sling TV debuted a new “Stay in and Sling” commercial earlier this month to highlight the service’s advantages while consumers are at home. At first, it was unclear if this campaign would include any new features or perks, but the service has slowly introduced features and benefits that have made staying at home and Slinging worthwhile.

This is possibly the most useful of the Stay in and Sling bonuses thus far, since two weeks of free live TV access is difficult to resist. This is particularly true now that the limitation on using credit cards has been abolished. To log in and access their own personal account, users must still provide an email address. An email, on the other hand, is a little price to pay, especially when you have the choice of using whatever email address you like.

In fact, there’s nothing stopping users from creating a separate email account to use during the two-week trial, allowing those worried about disclosing personal information to further limit the information they provide with Sling TV.

The source is Sling.


The “sling blue” is a new service from Sling TV. It allows you to try the service for free for two weeks without having to provide a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sling TV really free right now?

A: Yes, Sling TV is currently offering a free 7-day trial of their service.

Is Sling TV free for 14 days?

A: Sling TV is free for 14 days.

How do I get Sling TV for free forever?

A: There is a way to get free Sling TV for life, and it only requires that you meet the following conditions. You must have had Dish Network installed with your order number of $30 or more in your account before April 1st 2019.

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