Find out which startups for development and business are suitable for IT specialists, how to develop them, and what you need to do.


Being an IT specialist is an opportunity to work both for the company and for yourself, discovering a huge amount of knowledge and opportunities, so in the age of digital technology, this area is developing with great speed. However, the majority of professionals don’t know how to properly progress in this area to make a profit, what investments exist, and what business can open even a novice software developer. You can read more about the field of digital technology at Different variations of tools to make a profit in IT will be discussed in the article below.

Passive Income Through Investments

Any IT professional understands exactly what the future holds for this career because it is the basis for everything: websites, banks, casinos, and even videos. Therefore, a person who understands this business will want to invest in the direction or company that will develop it. Unfortunately, investments are not a quick way to generate income because, in the worst case, the stock may easily collapse and not pay off under the current market conditions.

Moreover, in the best case, only part of the investments will be paid off. To get more profit, a shareholder should invest in reliable companies, and the most important thing is to have patience and just wait because it may take years of waiting in order to increase income significantly.

If you want to make a profit faster and easier, it is possible to arrange for affiliate marketing, which is especially popular in the field of IT services and products. In order to make a profit from it, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose a project or product to be promoted, and register as an affiliate.
  2. Create an advertising campaign, and offer to make sales through your link.
  3. If the sales are successful, make a profit based on the commission.

This option is ideal for professionals who have some kind of media exposure, especially in IT circles. However, it is also suitable for beginners. Even a small but stable return on investment will help you build up your capital because no one would refuse an extra $1,000 a month.

Starting Your Own Casino Business

This is also a very profitable field these days, as the population’s demand for gambling has increased dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic. This business is particularly relevant for programmers, as it is necessary to think carefully about the system of deposits and withdrawal of money, as well as to work on the comfort of the website for users.

However, at the beginning of the development, online casinos can attract new users with free spins slots to demonstrate the extensive bonus system and to provide an opportunity to win startup capital. The following table will outline the advantages and disadvantages of such a business:

Advantages Disadvantages
Great prospects for IT specialists, not only in terms of money earned but also the opportunity to build up a stable and powerful portfolio. You have to invest in this type of business, especially if you start without a team. The investment is required to conclude contracts with providers, and payment systems, get a license, etc. You need to have a team of several people or hire employees, which requires investments as well.
A large increase in the number of users. As mentioned above, online casinos are and will be at the peak of their popularity in the coming years. Thus, there is no need to fish for new users, the basic advertising is a sufficient tool. Promotion will require good advertising, which is not cheap as you need to make an attractive banner or commercial and properly implement targeted advertising for your audience.
All investments will pay off if you do it wisely and approach the project responsibly. There are risks that the casino’s monetary assets will fluctuate.
If the project develops successfully, it is possible to become widely known, sponsor smaller projects, and then receive income from partnerships. Development requires obtaining a license, which is a complicated process both legally and financially.

After considering the advantages and disadvantages of this business, you can make your decision regarding it, and you can go deeper into the subject of the promotion of online business at The main task in opening an online casino business is to get a license; the other aspects are less important and do not require so much effort. However, if you succeed, your investment is sure to pay off and start generating revenue.

Teaching the Course

Often people spend years in universities or colleges to get an education in IT. This effort is an incredibly time-consuming and lengthy process, so experienced digital technology professionals often teach their own training courses. All it takes is remembering the curriculum and presenting it intelligently in an instructional mode.

You can develop the courses yourself and teach them, or you can sell them to schools popular in the field. This is quite a promising idea for your own startup because it can grow from an ordinary course into an entire IT school. Also, this kind of startup opens up the possibility of entering the international level of training, which means a stable high income and fame in IT.


This type of employment involves working for yourself on a convenient schedule and with the possibility of choosing your workload. Moreover, such work is currently considered one of the most popular jobs and will bring you not only money but also a portfolio for future jobs and projects. Such work not only gives you the opportunity to combine it with other tasks but also opens up the possibility of new startups. Since freelancing is a remote job, you can easily enter the international market. Thus your salary per project will be much higher than on a regional scale.


A specialist working in IT can find development options comfortable for him personally. Since this sphere is the basis for all digital resources, it is easy to build and develop any business and startup with it. Moreover, by possessing at least a basic knowledge of the material, it is possible to get into freelancing in a particular field or to start your own personal course.