The mysterious Cosmowright. The secretive millionaire playboy just won’t let anyone in the company know who he is, where he came from, or his plans for our soon-to-be shill organization. But my contacts within our future shell company tell me that there’s still hope, and an entire team of nine has been assembled to figure out who is behind  the screen name.

The one thing that we do know is that this Cosmowright fellow is bad news, straight up. With his company  recently securing the patent to several new pieces of military hardware, including an experimental exoskeleton and a visor which can use Kinect-like motion tracking to give someone who is completely blind the ability of sight, our future new bosses are already amassing an impressive personal military.

What is Cosmowright’s plan for this military

No one knows. He’s also promised to show anyone who wins the job in the Cosmopolis Challenge (more info and applications at cosmopolischallenge dot com) a “mysterious prize,” but we’re not sure what that entails, either.

The only information we have about his mysterious prize is that it is indeed a mystery.

The people behind Cosmowright

While we don’t know much about Cosmowright, my sources tell me that they’ve got top men working on it. I’m not allowed to say who they are just yet, but let’s just say you’d recognize their names if I told you.

Top men indeed! We can only guess what kind of shadowy government figures are working to uncover who Cosmowright is, but the rumors are boundless.

Going Forward

My team has been hand-picked by me for this task because of our reputations in the journalism world, and I’ve never seen them work harder on an assignment. But if you have any information about who this Cosmowright is and what his plans are, let us know.

How Cosmowright came to be

Again, this is all speculation at the moment. But my sources tell me that it could have something to do with the Man in Black.

Cosmowright’s identity cannot be traced back to the Man in Black? Impossible! There has to be some sort of connection there, otherwise I would think our friends over at Conspiracy Theorist Magazine would have had this story on their front page weeks ago.

A quote from Cosmowright?

“I don’t think that you can rightfully call what I’m doing ‘playing.’ This project is the culmination of my life’s work, and I’m not about to let it go without a fight.”

When asked why he was taking the job, Cosmowright replied with this rather ominous statement.

What could it mean!? This is clearly a man who wants to take over the world! We have yet to receive any other quotes from our favorite mysterious billionaire. What are his true plans? That’s anybody’s guess at this point.

What Cosmowright offers

It’s been rumored that he’ll offer a full-time position to the winner of the Cosmopolis Challenge, but details are sketchy at best. We’ve contacted several major news outlets in hopes they can provide us with more information on this mysterious billionaire, but no one has heard back from the company yet.

what happened to cosmowright

 I first discovered COSMOWRIGHT when I was 17. It was my final year of high school and I had heard that they were readying themselves for a European tour. They were playing in London and happened to be in a venue not too far from where I lived in Cambridgeshire.  I had been into bands with a slightly heavier, more rock influence when it came to my tastes but that was the year that I really got into electronic music and began looking at DJ sets with an eye on who was doing interesting work in the breaks scene, which was where I found COSMOWRIGHT. They were doing their own thing with what was still (at the time) quite an underground sound and it blew me away.