Apple’s mouse is probably the best wireless Bluetooth mouse available on the market. But, since it is just a wireless device, the batteries need to be replaced when they get damaged.

Thankfully, recharging and changing the Apple mouse battery is much easier. You can simply identify if it is charging or what the battery percentage is. This article will teach you how to change the Apple mouse battery easily and quickly.

Why Do You Need to Change Mouse Batteries?

Generally, the Apple Mouse’s battery life is not too long. Most probably, you can use it for about two months after full charging. However, it can be reduced if not optimized properly. Many factors can decrease its battery life, and one of the common reasons is insufficient battery power.

Dirt or scratches can also affect battery life. So, clean the surface using a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Improper use can also shorten the battery lifespan. Apple mouse battery optimization is important to avoid future problems. With the insufficient battery in Apple Mouse, you may experience certain errors like incorrect date and time or the clock is ahead error.

Make sure you have sufficient battery available, but how long your mouse battery lasts depends on many factors. The more you use it, the faster the battery will reduce. A fully charged mouse battery will last for around 18 months with normal usage. It’ll die in a month or two with heavy use.

Method to Change Apple Mouse Battery

If you use an Apple mouse daily, you must know how to change the battery of your Apple mouse. The reason is that it needs to be changed almost every few months. To start the changing process:

  1. Take out the battery compartment cover on the bottom side of the mouse.
  2. Eliminate the old batteries and insert new AA batteries.
  3. Replace the compartment cover of the battery and turn on the mouse.

Open Apple Mouse

So, you learn how to change the Apple mouse battery, but do you know how to perfectly open the Apple mouse? Before changing the battery, you would require opening your mouse. To simply do that, turn your mouse over to the backside. Here, you will notice a black tab. Simply push it down.

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It will pop out the back cover. Now, you will notice the AA batteries. So, if your mouse is acting strange, give it a fresh start to a battery.

Charge Mouse Battery Often

Turn off your mouse by tapping on the mouse icon. Look for ‘off’ and tap on it. Find the charging port and put your iPhone’s lightning cable into it.

Plug another end of the cable into a wall or iMac’s socket. If the sides start glowing, it means the mouse is charging now. Note that a full charging process takes about 2 hours. However, you can use it for a day with 10 minutes of charging.

Put Batteries Appropriately

When your Apple mouse scroll wheel is not working, take it back off. Unplug the mouse from your system. Flip the mouse over to make the bottom face up. Find the small round battery cover on the bottom and pry the battery cover off using a flat-head screwdriver.

Take out the old batteries and put in the new ones while matching the positive and negative ends. Replace the cover and screw it again. Plug it into your device and test scrolling.

How Often to Change Mouse Battery?

Apple mouse users are usually recommended to check their battery annually. Replacing them is good when they are low on power. Also, properly follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for your specific Apple mouse.

You need to replace the old battery when it gets more than three years old. If you are a remote worker, you might be using a mouse for longer. Keep your mouse plugged in when you’re not using it. Leaving your mouse can drain the battery quickly.

Apple Mouse Battery Not Working

Keeping the old batteries in Apple Mouse can make your device eventually die. You will most probably be stuck using your keyboard to go through your system.

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If your mouse is not working properly, then turn off your mouse, wait for some seconds, and turn it on again. Or, disconnect your mouse from macOS and connect it again. Tap X in the Bluetooth settings to unpair it. Then, connect it again.

The Conclusion

So, if you’re probably sick of your Apple mouse draining out of battery, try potential solutions to fix the problem. If it doesn’t work, you most probably search for a way to change the present battery with a new one.

To make this possible without making a lot of investment, it’s good to work on the methods discussed above. It’s recommended to keep checking and optimizing the battery life regularly to ensure long-term use.