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Bangalore-based Zetwerk is a B2B platform specialising in custom manufacturing and has recently announced a Series C funding of $120 million by Greenoaks.

Zetwerk offers customers an efficient, cost-effective, hassle-free solution for meeting their custom manufacturing requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at how Zetwerk benefits its customers.

Bangalorebased Zetwerk B2b 120m Series Greenoaks

Zetwerk is a Bangalore-based B2B e-commerce platform providing businesses with streamlined procurement and manufacturing services. It has recently closed its Series C funding round, raising $120m led by Greenoaks Capital, making it one of the most well-funded ventures in India’s B2B landscape. Its success is attributed to its technology-driven approach, which helps create more efficient and transparent relationships between suppliers and customers.

By leveraging the power of AI and automation tools, Zetwerk offers customers a radically accelerated supply chain management process that leads to significant cost savings within their operations. In addition, this fast, secure and reliable experience offers customised solutions to match customer needs and guaranteed end-to-end accuracy for parts provenance and payment reconciliation.

Beyond cost savings Zetwerk also offers customers a broader selection of materials — from multiple vendors through its vast network of buyer alliances. This ensures customers can access quality products from reliable suppliers at competitive prices, with real-time updates on order status tracking visibility. With the help of this ever expanding network of partners and suppliers, sourced from 25 countries around the world, Zetwerk seeks to make it easier for businesses of any size or industry to streamline their purchasing processes so they can focus on expanding their operations instead of managing cumbersome supply chains.

Benefits of Zetwerk

b2b 120m series greenoaks capital lightspeedsinghtechcrunch

Bangalore-based startup Zetwerk, a B2B focused manufacturing platform, has raised $120M series C from Greenoaks Capital. This platform helps customers connect with verified partners for industrial production services. Customers can benefit in various ways by choosing Zetwerk as your manufacturing partner.

First and foremost, Zetwerk allows for bigger trust and more transparency between the customer and the producers since all the verification processes are completed before a partnership begins. It is also a great way to create competitive synchronisation by comparing multiple bids from vetted companies under the same umbrella — eliminating time consuming research.

Zetwerk’s technology also streamlines some of the most commonly experienced issues such as supply chain snags, capacity issues, and pricing discrepancies while offering businesses instant insights on their production process which can help them identify potential optimization opportunities. In addition, its supply chain analytics tools allow users to monitor and analyse their production lifecycle in real-time, which helps improve operability, adding more control for manufacturers thus bringing efficiency within their procurement process.

Integrator services are one of Zetwerk’s most sought after core platforms; by using this innovative service businesses can get better visibility into who is working on each part of the productions process and this allows them to get it done seamlessly while providing useful sharing of data at each step helping build an efficient supply chain system free from delays or unforeseen roadblocks.. Finally its “Problem resolution centre system” serves as a great conflict resolver by giving users mediation skills with at-risk vendors reducing stress & risk associated with projects given to outside lenders having transparent cost effective reviews which can help negotiate prices/terms further reducing unjustified rejections or delays with better accuracy judgement calls that benefit both entities safeguarding financial interests future collaborations clearly understood policies laid out upfront creating sustainable relationships achieved profitably.

Quality Assurance

Bangalore-based Zetwerk B2B 120m Series Greenoaks is a company that puts a premium on quality assurance. With Zetwerk, customers don’t need to worry about the quality of the products and services they’ll receive. Zetwerk has established a comprehensive quality assurance system and provides continuous feedback for its customers and suppliers to ensure the highest quality product and service.

Let’s go into more detail about the quality assurance efforts of Zetwerk.

Quality Control Processes

At Zetwerk, we ensure that our customers get the best quality products, every time. Our quality control processes are overseen by our experienced team of Quality Assurance professionals located in Bangalore, India. In addition, we conduct tests and inspections to ensure all products meet the highest standards.

First, our inspection department reviews products upon receipt from vendors. We use industry-standard criteria to assess their condition and whether they meet design requirements. Then we conduct subsequent periodic inspections throughout production to ensure consistent quality across items and batches. This includes visual inspection of parts and tests for strength and durability, where appropriate.

After production, we conduct one final batch inspection before approving items for customer shipment. We also reassess certain key points in our extensive testing catalogue before final delivery to rule out any rework or defective pieces getting into the hands of the customer through unknown sources at any point in time post shipment from us.

We take great pride in producing consistent high-quality items that exceed customer expectations. Engineers expertly craft us with decades of experience in their fields using world-class technology and processes in compliance with safety regulations and industry standards such as ISO 9000 certification.

Quality Assurance Tools

Zetwerk, a Bangalore-based B2B service provider, has prioritised quality control in their organisation. As a result, they have adopted robust quality assurance tools and processes to ensure that customers receive products that meet their exact requirements and a consistently high level of performance. These tools include:

1. Process Control & Monitoring Software: This software enables the management team to monitor quality from both the production and customer perspective, helping them to adjust parameters to ensure favourable outcomes for both parties.

2. Quality Training & Education: Zetwerk provides ongoing training for all employees in quality related topics such as industry standards, six sigma principles, best practices etc., which helps equip them with the knowledge they need to do their jobs better and excel in their roles.

3. Data Analysis Software: This software collects data on product performance over time so that areas of improvement can be identified before they become an issue with customers or investors, allowing corrective action to be taken quickly and efficiently.

4. Root Cause Analysis: Through rigorous root cause analysis Zetwerk can identify potential areas of weakness within a production line or process and take immediate corrective measures where necessary.

5. Quality Assurance Audits: Periodic audits are conducted by third party agencies to verify the accuracy of Zetwerk’s processes for producing consistent high-quality products for their customers, investors, stakeholders etc., confirming that regulatory compliance is maintained throughout production cycles as required by law or industry guidelines/regulations.

Cost Savings

Bangalore-based Zetwerk is a B2B company that helps customers save money by procuring materials at a lower cost.

Through their 120M Series Greenoaks funding, Zetwerk has helped their customers save huge amounts of money, by providing them with the best deals and discounts.

Let’s look at how Zetwerk can help its customers save money.

Automation of Production

Bangalore-based Zetwerk provides B2B manufacturing services to its customers looking to outsource parts of their production process. Automation has been a key component of their strategy to provide cost savings for their customers. Through automated processes, Zetwerk reduces the need for manual labour and eliminates human error, resulting in high precision parts with lower overall costs.

With automation, lead times are drastically reduced and production processes are much more efficient. Orders can be made and products delivered quickly without worrying about time-consuming manual activities such as grinding or threading. This also means that production costs can be minimised since there is less need for expensive labour inputs.

In addition, by automating certain operations, Zetwerk can reduce the costs associated with worn tools and improve process predictability and quality control methods.

Streamlining of Processes

Bangalore-based Zetwerk is an advanced B2B platform that makes it easier for enterprises to source industrial components and materials. With its extensive product catalogue, comprehensive services, and simple online ordering process, Zetwerk helps its customers save money and reduce the time required to procure their requirements.

Zetwerk enables streamlining processes by providing greater control over the buying and selling. Automated workflow tools aid in increasing the speed and accuracy of orders placed on Zetwerk’s platform, while intuitive search features help buyers quickly find what they’re looking for. Moreover, through advanced analytics tools available on the platform, companies can gain insights into their spend patterns and manage their supplies more efficiently.

The 120 million Series E funding round led by Greenoaks has helped Zetwerk become even better equipped to serve their customers in India and beyond. The additional capital enables further innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance visibility across inventory management & supply chain processes. These improvements have enabled

120m series greenoaks capital lightspeedsinghtechcrunch

Zetwerk’s customers to gain even greater cost savings while reducing the complexity associated with procurement of industrial components & materials.

Time Savings

Bangalore-based Zetwerk is a B2B platform that helps industrial manufacturing companies to streamline their supply chain operations. Founded in 2018, Zetwerk recently raised $ 120 million in its Series C round from Greenoaks Capital.

One of the major benefits of using Zetwerk is the time savings it provides its customers. Let’s look at how Zetwerk helps customers to save time.

Automation of Delivery

Zetwerk, a Bangalore based B2B platform, helps manufacturing partners reduce the time to deliver the right parts at the right quality and price. By automating process flows and connecting multiple stakeholders, Zetwerk helps reduce delivery times from 120 days (as was the case earlier) to 29-45 days on average. This facilitates faster product development and allows customers to plan and expedite their supply chain, resulting in significant cost savings and improved customer experience.

Using technological solutions such as AI and ML based machine components identification systems, designed for industries like machine learning products, engines, power plants etc., Zetwerk enables real-time resolution of off-standard requirements, further reducing procurement cycle. Additionally, state of the art data analytics further help customers reduce time taken in identifying trends across various stakeholders thus aiding decision making capabilities.

Along with these measures, Zetwerk also reserves specific workforce for customer problem-solving enabling them to resolve even complex issues quickly. This ensures customers don’t have to wait too long to receive their order while gaining access to experienced professionals who can work on their challenges with agility. All this adds up to a reliable element of trust leading customers to establish long term relationships with Zetwerk which results in increased business value for them without compromising on speed of service delivery or quality standards.

Optimization of Delivery Times

One of the biggest benefits Bangalore-based Zetwerk brings to its customers is the dramatic optimization of delivery times. This is attained through Zetwerk’s extensive network of suppliers, innovative product sourcing technology, and most importantly, their intelligent project management approach. Through these components, Zetwerk is able to deliver up to 40% faster than any other B2B supplier in investment firm Green Oaks’ portfolio.

By carefully managing every detail of your production cycle, from initial engineering requirements to final delivery and onsite installation, Zetwerk can turn even the most complex projects into simple exercises in optimization and efficiency. The integrated project management suite allows you to monitor each process stage in real-time while keeping your hands free for core tasks like developing products or managing staff.

Furthermore, Zetwerk’s commercial relationships with hundreds of suppliers makes it easy for them to source even rare materials that are not commonly available within short turnaround times. This strategic approach reduces average lead time for many parts, including standard and niche raw materials, giving you a distinct advantage over other vendors relying on traditional sourcing methods.

Allowing quick adaptation within an unpredictable environment has been key to delivering success so far for series B 120M funded Greenoaks and its partner companies relying on fourth industrial revolution technologies like automation & additive manufacturing in their operations – something that Bangalore based Network has optimised using state-of-the-art infrastructure design with maximum time-saving benefits right from its inception journey.


Bangalore-based B2B platform Zetwerk has had a successful Series C round of funding from Greenoaks that raised 120 million dollars. The company has used the capital to add features to its platform and expand its reach.

One of those features is scalability, and it is key for customers to understand how Zetwerk leverages this feature and how it can benefit them.

Expansion of Capacity

One of the major advantages of Bangalore-based B2B manufacturing platform, Zetwerk, to its customers is the ability to expand capacity without investing in their infrastructure. The platform enables customers to scale up and down according to their production needs, using a network of on-demand suppliers to increase or decrease capacity based on demand. Through Zetwerk’s interface they are able to access suppliers with a wide range of materials, equipment and expertise. This helps keep companies agile and responsive in today’s rapidly changing industry environment.

This flexibility allows customers to grow their production in a way that suits them best financially and strategically. Whether you’re building up a product line or running an event business that requires frequent in-and-out ordering—flexibility is key so you can scale operations quickly when needed. With Zetwerk they are saving time while guaranteeing quality standards and consistent prices across all parameters. Finally, what makes this truly special is that since it’s an entirely digital network you don’t need storage space which further lowers your costs – whether it’s increasing your working capital or paying for overheads – scalability also increases profitability!

Flexibility to Meet Demand

As a Bangalore-based B2B platform, Zetwerk offers valuable services to its customers including scalability and the flexibility to meet sudden spikes in demand. Zetwerk provides customers access to a large network of vendors that can accommodate short-term manufacturing needs with quick turnaround times. The vendors on their platform are experienced and capable of producing parts on short notice.

With the scalability offered by Zetwerk, customers no longer have to keep extra inventory in anticipation of future need or take chances with unreliable third-party vendors. They can leverage the vast pool of expert manufacturing partners available on the platform for immediate response to changeable market demand requirements. This helps them respond quickly when orders and demand increase or decrease unexpectedly.

The reliance on Zetwerk also eliminates inefficiencies caused by managing multiple vendors and supports cost and time efficiency regarding procurement processes. Furthermore, to ensure secure payment processing and data storage, Zetwerk relies on blockchain technology that provides an encrypted payment gateway wherein all transactions, irrespective of size, take place without any manual intervention from third parties or sensitive customer data stored at risk.

Zetwerk’s scalability feature allows customers to access reliable vendors and manufactures when they need them most – quickly, safely, and securely – thus giving them an edge over competitors in today’s dynamic market scenario.


Bangalore-based Zetwerk is a B2B platform offering an online marketplace for industrial manufacturing services. It provides a secure platform for companies to purchase industrial services from diverse suppliers. Companies can customise products, track their orders in real time, and pay securely for services.

Let’s take a closer look at how Zetwerk offers its customers security.

Comprehensive Data Security

At Zetwerk, we take customer trust and data security seriously. As a Bangalore-based B2B platform, we understand the importance of customer confidence. We thus have set up comprehensive data security measures and best practices to ensure that our customer data is kept secure at all times. We comply with industry standards for storing and processing customer information, including requirements under the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS).

b2b 120m series greenoaks lightspeedsinghtechcrunch

We also fully comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to protect our customers’ data. In addition, we use encryption tools such as AES256 for sensitive user data storage. Moreover, an attack detection system is built into our application stack which will trigger alerts to notify us in case any malicious attempts are made to access customer records. Furthermore, our encrypted cloud backup system ensures that any information stored within our platform is always backed up securely. Lastly, we enforce 2048-bit SSL/TLS encryption on our website & applications so that all customer transactions are completed safely & securely.

At Zetwerk, we take your security seriously and prioritise protecting your data from unauthorised access or manipulation. So you can rest assured that your confidential information is safe with us!

Secure Payment Systems

The security of payments is a key concern for both buyers and sellers. Bangalore-based Zetwerk, which provides B2B manufacturing services, ensures secure payment transactions by giving its customers access to adaptive payment methods and cutting edge secure banking solutions.

Various payment processing services adopted by the company are PCI-DSS compliant and apply the latest industry standards for data encryption. Zetwerk guarantees payments up to 120 days using automated solutions rather than manual processes. This eliminates the risk of late payments and reduces overall settlement times for buyers and sellers.

In addition, their payment systems are monitored 24/7 with secure protocols that are checked continuously for suspicious activities. Moreover, to further secure their customers’ financial information, they use solutions developed by leading global bodies such as Greenoaks Capital Technology Solutions, who specialise in providing best-in-class secure data handling techniques over web and mobile channels.