Windows has a built-in cache that’s used to speed up the loading time of your computer. If you want to clear the cache, follow these steps:

The how to clear cache in internet explorer windows 10 is a quick and easy way to get rid of the cache that has been built up over time.


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  • You should always delete the cache on Windows 11 to avoid your device running out of space and to enhance processing performance.
  • This operation may be done easily using the OS’s Settings program.
  • You may also use the system’s Disk Cleanup to remove the Windows 11 cache.


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For those unfamiliar with the phrase, clearing the cache simply means emptying it, and this article will teach you how to do it in Windows 11 with ease.

If you’re still unsure what cache files are, be assured that they’re not as complicated as they seem.

A cache is a non-permanent file (or files) that may be required again in the future when it comes to computers. As a result, the cache is kept hidden until that time arrives, ensuring that the material is safe.

Cache files are necessary, but they may potentially use a lot of space. If you have a low-capacity SSD, this may be an issue.

There is, however, some good news. As a result, cache files may usually be securely deleted to free up disk space.

There are many compelling reasons to delete the cache in Windows 11.

Disk space is freed.

Over time, your operating system collects a large number of cache files. As a result, they may begin to eat up a considerable part of your hard drive.

Clearing the cache may help free up disk space if your system is running short on memory.

Also, keep in mind that the cache may impact your disk storage, so if you don’t remove it on a regular basis, your operating system may suffer. Third-party software may help in this situation, therefore we suggest looking into the finest deep clean hard disk software.

Errors are avoided.

Cache files in Windows 11 may get damaged over time, resulting in a variety of problems. Some of them may, in extreme instances, severely impair the operation of your operating system.

Clearing the cache on a regular basis will maintain your system healthy and avoid these problems.

Enhances performance

A lack of accessible storage capacity causes the system to slow down. As a result, deleting the cache will improve the speed of your operating system.

Please have a look at our linked guide for additional information on how to make Windows 11 run quicker.

On Windows 11, how can I clear the cache memory?

1. Make use of the Options menu.

Clear Temporary Files (1.1)

  1. After pressing the Windows key, go to the Settings menu.1631766967_799_This-option-is-currently-unavailable
  2. Select System from the left window pane, then go to Storage from the right window pane.How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  3. Wait for your operating system to examine and evaluate the temporary cache files on your machine.
  4. Select Temporary files from the drop-down menu.1631884508_577_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  5. Now you’ll get a list of all the cache files.
  6. Scroll down and click the Remove files option after selecting the files you wish to remove.1631884509_267_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  7. To finish the procedure, click Continue in the pop-up box.1631884509_774_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  8. Your chosen files have now been removed.

1.2 Delete the cached location information

  1. Go to the Settings menu once again.
  2. Select Privacy & security from the left window pane, then click on Location.1631884510_69_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  3. Look for the Location History area and then press the Clear button.1631884510_979_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  4. Your location history will be erased from the system.

2. Use the Disk Cleanup software to clean up your hard drive.

  1. Select Disk Cleanup by pressing the Windows key and typing it in the search box.1631884511_706_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  2. Select the files you wish to remove from the Files to Delete section, then click OK.1631884512_67_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  3. You should click the Clean up system files option to clear the system files.1631884513_743_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  4. Choose the disk that contains the system files, which is most likely the C: drive.
  5. Allow Disk Cleanup to search your hard drive and find any system files that may be deleted.
  6. After that, go to the Files to Remove section and pick the files you wish to delete, then click OK.1631884513_171_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11

You may always use specialist disk cleaning software like CCleaner if you’re not happy with the outcomes of this built-in program or if you wish to simplify this procedure in the future.

3. To clear DNS cache, go to Command Prompt.

  1. To run as administrator, press the Windows key, enter cmd, and then select Run as administrator.1631855133_559_How-to-enable-Windows-Sandbox-in-Windows-11
  2. ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /flushdns1631884515_405_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  3. The cache for the Domain Name System will now be emptied.

4. Delete the cache from Microsoft Store

  1. Press the Windows + R keys at the same time, then enter wsreset.exe and click OK.1631884515_965_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  2. This will open a dark window with no text that will vanish after the cache has been emptied.1631884516_137_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  3. The Microsoft Store will thereafter be available.1631884517_673_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11

5. Clear the cache in Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Hover over History and choose Manage History from the Settings menu, which is indicated by three horizontal dots.1631884517_499_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  3. Click on Clear browsing data, which is labeled as a Recycle Bin, in the top-right corner.1631884518_968_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  4. Select the time period for which you wish to delete the cache by clicking on the Time range option.1631884518_621_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  5. Check the option for Cached picture and files, then click Clear now to remove it.1631884519_592_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  6. The cache for Microsoft Edge will now be removed.

The default browser is Microsoft Edge. Check read our related tutorial if you wish to change the default browser in Windows 11.

6. In Windows 11, clear the cache in Chrome.

  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. Hover over History in the Settings menu (which is now highlighted with three vertical dots), then choose History from the secondary context menu.1631884519_908_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  3. Look in the left window pane for the Clear browsing data option, then click it.1631884520_170_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  4. Select a time period for which you wish to delete the cache from the drop-down option.1631884521_332_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11
  5. Check the box next to Cached pictures and files, then click Clear data.1631884521_49_How-to-quickly-clear-the-cache-in-Windows-11

When considering the latter two choices, bear in mind that whenever you visit a website, your browser will download some data, such as pictures and codes, in order to speed up future visits.

However, clearing the browser cache isn’t advised unless you’re having trouble visiting a certain website.

Is it safe to delete cache?

Whether you’re wondering if deleting the cache in Windows 11 is safe, the answer is a resounding yes.

Non-essential files are stored in the cache. But, precisely, what does it imply?

We’re talking about files that aren’t absolutely necessary for the program to function properly. In these words, removing it should not have a negative impact on the operation of your applications or operating system.

If you want to make your operating system more secure, take a look at some of the new security and privacy options in Windows 11.

The methods we’ve provided for deleting the system cache on Windows 11 are the most effective. Not to mention that doing so would free up a lot of storage space.

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments area below.

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The internet explorer clear cache shortcut is a quick way to clear the cache in Windows 11.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear the cache on Windows 11?

To clear the cache on Windows 11, you will need to go into your settings and then open up the Advanced System Settings. From there, you will want to click on Privacy in order to find where you can clear the cache.

How do I clear my computer cache faster?

You can try clearing your computer cache by going to the start menu, typing in cmd and pressing enter. Then type in ipconfig /flushdns.

How do I clear my cache all at once?

To clear your cache all at once, please follow these steps:

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