Virtual surround sound software is a software which allows you to hear sounds coming from different directions, making it seem like the sound is coming from all around you. This article will list some of the best virtual surround sound programs that are available on the market today.

Virtual surround sound software is a great way to enjoy your favorite movies and games in a new way. The free virtual surround sound software is the most popular type of software available.

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8th of October, 2021

Publish date: November 2020

  • Virtual surround systems may be a cost-effective alternative to high-end equipment. 
  • You’ll discover a selection of suggested applications below that may help you effortlessly replicate authentic surround effects.
  • Auto-calibration, unique preset settings, completely adjustable crossfeed, and other capabilities are included in the software. Continue reading to discover your best choice. 


Previously, the only option to get an immersive audio experience was to purchase large speaker systems with five or seven satellites and attempt to position them about the room. With virtual surround sound software, we can now get the same 3D surround sound experience regardless of the quality or quantity of speakers we possess.

When it comes to virtual surround sound software, the software solutions mentioned in this article are the finest on the market. Some of the software on this list is geared at gaming, but all of them will provide you with a more customized surround sound experience.


By far the greatest choice given in this post is Boom 3D. Based on the kind of sound card and audio system you have, this program can automatically adjust itself.

The Boom audio engine has 3D Surround Sound and adjustable equalization presets, enabling you to fine-tune your audio output to your preferences.

Boom 3D’s 3D Surround Sound technology gives you a simulated surround sound experience that you can enjoy with any headset. Every surround sound channel has the option to be adjusted in intensity. You may also turn on/off specific virtual surround sound speakers, change the bass volume, and scale the 3D Surround Sound effect’s strength.

Boom 3D includes an equalizer built-in with presets for movies, voices, and other music genres, but you can always go deeper and build your own.

The following are some of the highlights:

  • Choose your music. System speakers, on/over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, external speakers, Bluetooth, and USB speakers are all examples of output devices.
  • Booster of volume
  • Adjust the loudness of particular applications using a volume controller.
  • Ambience, fidelity, night mode, spatial, and pitch are some of the audio effects available.
  • Quick controls — modify common settings without having to launch the whole program.


Boom 3D

With this customizable program, you may enjoy an amazing virtual surround sound experience!


Surround by Razer is a cutting-edge 7.1 virtual surround sound engine that immerses you further into your listening experience while still being compatible with any stereo headphones.

The surround sound algorithms that enable Razer Surround were created especially for gaming with headphones and provide a realistic surround sound experience that allows a player to adjust positional sound.

A one-size-fits-all approach is used by several virtual surround sound systems. This implies that they depend on statistics-based algorithms. The main flaw with this strategy is that everything is ‘average.’ You won’t be able to completely tailor your audio experience to your own requirements and tastes.

Razer Surround enables you to customize the sound to suit your ears, giving you a better feeling of immersion in the game and even giving you an auditory edge over other players who don’t utilize similar technology.

Razer Surround allows you to take a series of easy listening tests that will enable you to map out how you listen to your games naturally.

Razer’s game audio algorithms take into consideration time delay, audio interference, loudness, and other complicated variables, making the process of customizing extremely simple.

Furthermore, your customized settings will be stored in the cloud, so you’ll be ready to play games right away, whether you’re at a friend’s home or a local LAN-Café.

The following are some of the highlights:

  • Boosting the bass
  • Normalization of sound
  • Clarity of voice
  • The volume of your voice
  • 11 equalization presets and a custom equalizer
  • Ability to fine-tune your own tastes


Razer Surround

With its amazing 7.1 virtual surround sound engine for complete immersion, Razer Surround will blow your mind.


SBX Pro Studio is a collection of audio improvement tools designed to bring out the most in your game audio. This tool offers a user-friendly UI and smooth controls. You have complete control over the sound of your audio.

For good reason, today’s high-end gaming systems prioritize the display. The majority of gamers use multiple monitor setups, therefore ultra-high-resolution visuals are required. However, without genuinely immersive audio, your gaming experience will be incomplete. This is provided by a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound speaker system, which effectively completes your immersive gaming experience – stereo headphones will not suffice.

Despite the fact that we will concentrate on the software’s surrounding capabilities in this post, SBX Pro Studio has a broad variety of professional tools:

  • Crystalizer – improves compressed audio’s dynamic range by restoring the highs and lows that are frequently lost during compression.
  • Bass – enhances and deepens the bass by extending the low-end frequencies of your audio input.
  • Smart Loudness – automatically detects and adjusts for variations in volume across several programs.
  • Dialog Plus – intelligently boosts vocals and spoken conversation loudness.
  • Surround by SBX

Even if you’re using a 2.0 speaker system or headphones, the SBX Surround function of SBX Pro Studio processes the audio via specialized algorithms to reproduce simulated surround sound. This technology enables you to completely immerse yourself in the audio experience without missing any important auditory cues.

SBX Surround’s algorithms improve any audio source by improving the listening experience for both two-channel and multi-channel sources. This function will automatically adjust to your listening preferences and offer the finest surround sound experience possible.

SBX Surround is made up of two main technological components:

  • Upmix — It matches stereo and multi-channel sounds to the current output configuration by processing them.
  • Virtualizer — It uses head-related transfer function (HRTF) filters to divide the audio signal to each speaker attached after it has been processed by Upmix.

SBX Pro Studio is available for purchase.


Equalizer APO is one of the finest equalizers for fine-tuning your audio experience, and it works particularly well (in comparison to other EQ applications) since it can be used with Room EQ Wizard, which enables you to understand its filtered text file format simply.

Equalizer APO can enhance and increase the surround sound quality of your media, and it can be adjusted using the configuration TXT file located in the installation folder on your Windows 10 PC after it’s been installed.

Equalizer APO also allows you to change its appearance by downloading Peace GUI, which makes it more simpler to use and provides audio mixing capabilities to your computer.

Equalizer APO comes with a slew of helpful functions, including:

  • Balance, crossfading, and delay are all available in the Effects tab.
  • Window for graphs
  • Configurations may be saved and activated with a single click/hotkey via a desktop shortcut.
  • Per channel/speaker, there are up to 31 gain dB Equalizer sliders.
  • There are nine speakers who are in favor (all, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1)
  • Filter frequencies, dB gains, and filter characteristics may all be adjusted with a single slider.
  • Peak, low/high pass, shelf, curve, notch, and all pass filters
  • Volume control (per channel/speaker) via pre-amplifying dB values

Equalizer APO has caused some issues for certain users. The most frequent blunder is failing to restart your Windows 10 PC after it has been installed. They also neglect to turn on their EQ APO playback device. These two steps should be enough to fix the issue and have the application up and running in no time.

HeSuVi is a fantastic third-party tool that you should test with Equalizer APO. Using the Equalizer APO’s convolution filter, this program simulates the 7.1 binaural sound effect.

The following are some of the highlights:

  • Graphic equalizer with plenty of punch
  • There are over 1000 popular headphones available.
  • Multiple devices may be connected to a single sound card.
  • Different volume levels may be controlled separately.
  • Crossfeed is fully customizable.

Visit this help page to learn more about HeSuVi’s operation.

Equalizer Apo is a program that allows you to adjust the volume of your music.


The latest version of Atmos, which was released in 2012, extends the existing 5.1 and 7.1 configurations to accommodate a huge number of speakers that can be placed around the room. You’ll be able to produce that wonderful 3D sound experience this way.

The notion of audio objects is one of Atmos’ most significant characteristics. Previously, noises were limited to particular areas of the audio.

Sound designers may define where an individual sound starts and travels to using Dolby Atmos, rather than limiting a sound to a channel. The result is sound that sounds as though it’s originating from the room you’re sitting in, providing a really immersive audio experience.

To blend sounds, Atmos employs a channel-based method. Consider this method as’sound layers.’ The ‘audio objects,’ together with their particular parameters, are put on top of that layer. The fact that this program supports 128 audio channels is a testament to this methodology.

This technology is very flexible; it will provide you with the same experience whether you use it in a theater or at home with regular speakers.

Home Atmos systems with as little as seven speakers can accommodate up to 34 speakers and can handle 128 audio objects.

Obtain Dolby Atmos


Microsoft developed Windows Sonic as a response to Dolby Atmos. In Windows 10 with the Creators Update installed, this app is available as a default app.

Sonic uses the sounds from your smartphone to create a virtual 3D world. It doesn’t work well in movies, but it more than makes up for it in games.

Device software may be required to operate certain motherboards and sound cards. This kind of software often operates in the background, without the user’s awareness. If you have an MSI motherboard, for example, Realtek HD Audio Manager software may be installed.

It is advised that you deactivate any previously applied audio effects before using Windows Sonic.

To activate and utilize Windows Sonic, follow these steps:

  1. After you’ve disabled any sound effects, go to your taskbar’s sound icon, right-click it, and then choose Spatial sound.
  2. Select Open Volume Mixer, then open Speakers Properties by clicking the Speakers icon and switching to the Spatial sound tab.
  3. Select Windows Sonic for Headphones from the drop-down option under Spatial sound format. Make sure the Turn on 7.1 virtual surround sound option is selected.1633684251_631_5-best-virtual-surround-sound-software-2021-Guide
  4. After that, choose OK and then Apply.

That concludes our discussion. You’re now ready to listen to Windows Sonic’s impacts on your audio.

These are some of the most effective surround sound programs for your computer. If you’ve used any of these tools before, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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The 7.1 surround sound software free download for windows 10 is a virtual surround sound program that can be used on Windows 10 computers. It has many features, including the ability to create custom presets and adjust settings in real time.

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The best virtual surround sound is Dolby Atmos.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best surround sound app?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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If you have a compatible PC, you can use an external sound card that will allow 7.1 surround sound on your computer.”}}]}

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What is the best virtual surround sound?

The best virtual surround sound is Dolby Atmos.

What is the best surround sound app?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

How do I get 7.1 surround sound on my PC?

If you have a compatible PC, you can use an external sound card that will allow 7.1 surround sound on your computer.

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