How can you shrink your Windows 10 folder size? There are a few free tools that will help you reduce the size of your Windows 10 folders.

The folder size windows 10 command line is a tool that you can use to find out how big your folder is. It will also help you find out the total disk space on your computer.

Folder size in Windows 10 is an essential statistic to consider while deleting unneeded items.

When there is a virus or a faulty update, the size of the cache and temp files may grow.

There are a number of new system folders in Windows 10. Some of them get overwhelmed as a result of mistakes and spills. Folder Dimensions Windows 10 can locate large folders and delete data that are no longer needed.

In Windows 10 file explorer, an outstanding indicator of the most recent folder size will offer the user the impression of a fast-working machine.

Microsoft has never issued an update to directly see folder size in Windows Explorer 7 or File Explorer 10 or 8.1 in the last 35 years.

You may either utilize third-party applications or use the manual approach to determine the folder size in Windows 10.

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How to View Folder Size in Windows 10 Manually

find folder size in windows 10

  1. Right-click the appropriate folder and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
  2. You can view all the information on the General tab.
  3. The size of the folder, the number of files, and the number of sub-folders are all included.

folder properties windows 10

Note that the folder size does not include the size of sub-folders. Only the number of files is stated correctly.

Right-clicking each folder to determine its size is a time-consuming procedure.

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Show Folder Size in Windows 10 – Third-Party Tools

The best method is to examine a drive for various folder sizes using a third-party program.

Image folders, video folders, documents, office files, system folders, and other types of folders may all have their sizes shown.

This allows you to determine which folders are taking up too much space and, if necessary, remove them.

A virus may sometimes quickly fill the hard drive. Then, if you can only remove that folder depending on its size, you’ve solved half of the issue.

This is most common in the case of transient folders.

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Windows Folder Size – View Folder Size Windows 10

In the File Explorer window, this free utility adds an additional pop-up column. This utility makes it simple to check the overall size of each folder.

folder size utility windows 10

It specifies the actual folder size, including subfolders. I computed the total for an example folder, and it is accurate.

This approach is more precise and accessible than Microsoft’s properties method.

This program will meet your requirements if you just need to know the size of each folder in each disk.

Despite the fact that the tool hasn’t been updated since 2013, it still works flawlessly in the 21H1 version.

One of the tool’s disadvantages is that the folder size is shown in KB. It also appears as a distinct window since it does not fit inside the file explorer column.

The number will be enormous for big files of MB and GB size. It has the additional benefit of being lightweight and having a quick response time.

This week, there have been 3775 downloads and 49 reviews.

Folder Size from MindGems – Windows 10 Folder Size

When compared to the previous tool, it offers additional options. This utility offers a free and paid version, despite the fact that they both appear the same.

Folders and drives may be scanned in the free version. All files and folders provide detailed information. Charts should be shown.

folder size latest version

The size of the folder and the percentage of disk space used will be shown by the software. Because of its specialized scan algorithms, it can scan your whole disk in minutes.

Backup folders, system folders, secret folders, and system volume information folders may all be seen.

graph of folder space in percentage windows 10

The folder size is shown by a bar chart and a pie chart.

You may also scan and examine folder sizes using the File Explorer and Context Menu. It will launch the application and show the contents of the size.

scan with folder size for details

For any disk management study, the visual depiction is sufficient. It is simple to install, scan, and remove using the most recent version of Windows 10 or 8.1.

Total Commander – Folder Size in Windows 10 Explorer

It’s a freeware file manager that may be used to replace File Explorer or Windows Explorer on Windows 10, 8.1, or 7. In addition to our request for folder size, it does a variety of other tasks. The file is just 5.6MB in size, and the most recent version is 10.0.

get folder size details windows 10

  • You may get the folder size by going to the appropriate disk and selecting the folder.
  • Then hit the Ctrl + Q keys at the same time.
  • In the side pane, the total size and number of sub-folders are shown.

It may be useful in both directions since it is an exploration utility.

The windows 10 folder size not showing is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft released a manual and free tools to help you see your folder size.

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