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Lightspeed has announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase digital commerce tech providers Ecwid and NuOrder for a combined total of $925 Million. Lightspeed is a provider of cloud-based, omnichannel commerce technologies, while Ecwid is a full-scale eCommerce platform and NuOrder offers collaborative eCommerce business solutions. This acquisition will enable Lightspeed to expand its offerings in the digital commerce space.

The transaction reflects Lightspeed’s commitment to helping businesses succeed at every stage of their growth by providing innovative technologies, empowering entrepreneurs to create and grow vibrant retail experiences. Lightspeed plans to use its experience in providing cloud based point-of-sale (POS) solutions with Ecwid’s broad scope of technology options that cater to small, medium and large size businesses. Additionally, NuOrder will allow Lightspeed customers access to a collaborative back-end purchasing model for dropshipping orders.

Lightspeed buys digital commerce tech providers Ecwid and NuOrder for combined $925M

In a groundbreaking move that will change the digital commerce space, Lightspeed has acquired two leading digital commerce technology providers, Ecwid and NuOrder, for a combined purchase price of $925 million. This is a significant move that has caught the attention of the industry, as Lightspeed takes steps to strengthen its presence in the digital commerce market.

We’ll take a closer look at the implications of this huge deal.

Ecwid Acquisition

In a recent announcement, Lightspeed, an all-in-one omni-commerce platform for small and medium enterprises, announced the acquisition of two digital commerce tech providers, Ecwid and NuOrder. For this transaction, Lightspeed has paid a combined purchase price of $925 million.

The acquisition of Ecwid will mean the combination of two SaaS businesses providing eCommerce solutions on a global scale and both companies have a presence in more than 175 countries and nearly 150 currencies. The two companies are expected to integrate their platforms to offer more powerful solutions for customers across multiple markets. Additionally, the merged solution brings better capabilities around product data management (PDM) and seller features like customer segmentation which enable merchants to personalize their customer’s shopping experience.

This acquisition marks a strategic move by Lightspeed as it looks to expand its presence in the eCommerce market. Going forward, the team at Lightspeed is focused on deepening its integrations with popular marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay while continuing innovation with their existing products. This move could see them become one of the leaders in creating cutting edge eCommerce technology solutions that expand customer access and reduce complexity for mid-to-large enterprises.

NuOrder Acquisition

On November 10th, 2020 Lightspeed, a multinational technology platform that provides commerce solutions to brick and mortar stores as well as DTC brands and marketplaces announced the acquisition of digital commerce tech providers Ecwid and NuOrder for a combined total of $925 million.

NuOrder is a leading digital ordering platform that unites brands, wholesalers and retailers. The company enables efficient connection between all stakeholders allowing them to access sales data, accounting information and inventory in real-time. This acquisition will boost Lightspeed’s digital capabilities allowing it to better serve brands on their DTC journey.

As part of the agreement Lightspeed has acquired NuOrder for $424 million in cash and stock with an additional earnout payment potentially available over the following two years if specific milestones are met. In addition to this Lightspeed is acquiring cloud-based ecommerce platform Ecwid for $501 million in cash and equity. The purchase of NuOrder will help bolster the company’s suite of technology offerings by giving them an edge in the ecommerce space.

Financial Details of the Acquisition

Lightspeed has recently completed the purchase of Ecwid and NuOrder, two digital commerce tech providers. The combined purchase price of both companies totaled to $925 million.

In this article, we will take a look at the financial details of the acquisition that took place between Lightspeed and the two digital commerce tech providers.

Lightspeed’s Investment

Lightspeed, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions to power small and medium-sized businesses, has announced its intent to purchase ecommerce technology providers Ecwid and NuOrder for a combined purchase price of $925 Million. Lightspeed will use its private and venture debt capital to execute this acquisition which is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Lightspeed’s investment in Ecwid and NuOrder represents one of the largest ecommerce technology transactions on record and will significantly expand the company’s product offering. With these acquisitions, Lightspeed is poised to become one of the top 10 providers globally in terms of total number of users and add millions of new customers around the world. Additionally, Lightspeed’ll be able to offer merchants a comprehensive suite of products, ranging from point-of-sale (POS) solutions to digital storefronts.

The acquisitions also provide Lightspeed with greater capabilities within its core product lines related to mobile commerce and order management solutions as well as advanced analytics capabilities with the introduction of Ecwid’s data insights platform. This move positions Lightspeed to enable merchants across multiple geographies with best-in-class tools for streamlining their operations in areas such as ordering, fulfillment, inventory management and cost control.

Benefits of the Acquisition

The acquisition of digital commerce tech providers Ecwid and NuOrder provides Lightspeed with a portfolio of platforms that powers the seller-buyer communication. This will allow Lightspeed to integrate a growing range of off-the-shelf and bespoke services, enabling merchants to create seamless shopping experiences for customers in order to increase sales and boost customer loyalty. Furthermore, with the combined purchase price of $925 million USD, Lightspeed will have access to new markets as well as larger global scale.

The acquisition also brings together two leading providers in their respective industries, resulting in a combined platform with resources to scale up its operations and grow faster. It is expected that strategic advantages in terms of cost reduction, access to new customer segments and extension of innovation capabilities will arise from increased economies of scale in the future. The resulting product roadmap is set to span unique offerings across a range retail categories for business large or small.

Ecwid and NuOrder Overview

On April 6th, Lightspeed announced the acquisition of two digital commerce providers, Ecwid and NuOrder for the combined price of 925 million.

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Ecwid is a commerce platform providing online stores and ecommerce solutions that is based in San Francisco, California. NuOrder is an online ordering and sales platform for the wholesale industry. Both Ecwid and NuOrder provide significant contributions to Lightspeed’s mission of enabling small businesses to reach new heights with their technology solutions.

In this article, we will go over an overview of Ecwid, NuOrder, and the details of the acquisition.

Ecwid Overview

Ecwid is an e-commerce platform founded in 2009 that has become one of the world’s leading digital commerce technology providers. The company enables merchants to manage their multi-channel inventory and operations through seamless integration with leading retail systems, including Shopify, Bigcommerce, Squarespace and Amazon.

The platform supports businesses in over 175 countries and empowers more than 1.5 million sellers worldwide, making it the go-to choice for mid-market companies who want to quickly launch a global web store. Ecwid features a simple user experience with product catalogs fully localized into many languages. Its suite of products provides shopping experiences tailored to customer needs on all devices – from store creation tools and powerful marketing tools to payment gateways and multiple online channel integrations such as Facebook stores or WhatsApp shopping carts.

Lightspeed has been offering its customers the Ecwid eCommerce solution since 2018 as part of its omni-channel platform (which includes point of sale, eCommerce, warehouse management). As part of these acquisitions, Lightspeed is continuing its investment in digital commerce capabilities by integrating the two platforms into Lightspeed’s existing offerings to create a full suite of point of sale (POS) and digital commerce solutions for retailers and restaurateurs around the world.

NuOrder Overview

NuOrder is the leading digital platform for global business-to-business (B2B) commerce. Built with advanced technology, NuOrder’s cloud-based platform provides an end-to-end solution that enables organizations to easily create, manage and track orders, efficiently process payments and streamline product transactions. This ensures a more secure, robust and frictionless experience for customers.

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NuOrder has been providing mission critical software to many of the world’s largest retailers since 2012. Its clients include multi-billion dollar companies like The North Face, Lululemon Athletica and Crocs Inc., as well as premier specialty brands such as Brooks Brothers, Jo Malone London and Hello Kitty. The company processes several hundred thousand orders annually in over 90 countries in 10+ different languages. With its optimized mobile experience provided by NuOrder’s updated iOS app, the company specialized in enabling digital commerce for modern B2B sales organizations looking for increased visibility into product intelligence.

Lightspeed announced on December 16th 2020 that it would be acquiring digital commerce tech providers Ecwid and NuOrder for a combined purchase price of $925 million. This signifies a big move on Lightspeed’s part to become a major player in ecommerce technology with these two important mergers signalizing their entrance into the next level of their development as they power the future of commerce technologies all over the world.