Kuva Lich is the new Warframe Augment Mod for Chroma. It will help him to produce more energy and make him able to turn invisible. Chroma was once one of the best damage dealer, but after few buffs from developers he became a mediocre caster warframe without any spectacular ability. When you have spent all your resources on building your Chroma, you will just sit and wonder why they have nerfed his damage. It’s good that there is something which can help Chroma to become a powerful caster warframe.

Kuva Lich allows Chroma to gain a lot of energy in a short period of time and transform into transparent state. The invisibility last for 8 seconds and will allow Chroma to move around and cast his skills like never before. The warframe energy pool grows by 100 for 30 seconds and 200 for additional 10 seconds. This is a great ability especially in endgame missions where enemies can be very powerful and it’s nice that we have something which help us to survive.

How to fight kuva lich

Kuva Lich is an ability which allows Chroma to gain more energy and become invisible. It doesn’t make him invulnerable, so it’s important to know when to use Kuva Lich. When you are fighting against kuva lich you should keep in mind that he can be almost anywhere on the map, so try to find him with your minimap.

Invisibility activates when Chroma is standing still and it’s very easy to notice that. In most cases, Chroma becomes immune to damage for short period of time. You can use melee abilities or they will be interrupted by an invisible Chroma. When you start attacking enemies near you, make sure that there are no invisible Chroma, who can easily catch you off guard.

Kuva Lich is a new enemy that was added to Warframe in the recent update

The ability to gain a lot of energy and become invisible can help many players in endgame content. Chroma used to be a mediocre caster, but now he will have a little chance to survive. Perhaps that’s why developer decided to buff him after all the nerfs. In order for this ability not to become overpowered you will need 15 forma and max rank, so it’s a big investment.

You need to remember that Kuva Lich will be spawning in almost every mission and you can use him to your advantage. For example, if the objective is to capture specific enemy or kill them you can do that with help from Chroma. It will give you a chance to search for the objective without being distracted. The invisibility will last for 8 seconds and it can be a life-saver in many situations.

They are difficult to defeat and can easily take down players who are not prepared

Kuva Lich has 30k shield and 550 armor, which means that he is quite durable. It will be difficult to take him down with your weapons, so you should save your energy for Chroma’s invisibility. If the first attack failed, don’t panic and run away until his abilities are ready. Once invisibility activates he can deal a lot of damage and it will be much easier to defeat him.

Kuva Lich has quite high health which means that you should come prepared for the fight. When you are fighting against kuva lich, use melee weapons or your warframe abilities to take the enemy down. Don’t count on your teammates because they might not be ready for such an encounter. Once you notice that Chroma is near, stay alert and run away from him until his invisibility wears off.

Kuva Lich can spawn in almost every mission on the star chart

Kuva lich has a very low chance to spawn in any missions. The only way of fighting them is by going to Kuva fortress and finding one in a special room. You can fight them from melee or from your warframe abilities. Chroma is able to spawn as an invulnerable enemy, which means that you will have to find him first before attacking other enemies near him.


Warframe is a free-to-play game, where you can use your weapons and abilities to defeat enemies. It’s an ongoing project and the developer team adds new environments and challenges for players with every update. The latest addition that was made to this game is Kuva Lich enemy, which can be used as a source of energy when you are in need.