The “youtube tv free trial” is a service that provides live TV for free. The 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day trials are available on YouTube TV. Read more in detail here: youtube tv free trial 2021.

YouTube TV is a new streaming service that offers unlimited cloud DVR, YouTube Red Originals, and more for $35. The company has launched their free trial with 7-day access to the full library. This weekend only? Check it out!

All new users get a seven-day free trial on YouTube TV. Throughout the year, though, the live TV streaming service often provides lengthier free trials via different limited-time specials. Although YouTube TV does not usually provide a 30-day free trial, there are times when the company forms agreements with other firms that allow users to experience the service for a month for free.


YouTube TV is a popular live TV streaming service in the United States, with millions of members enjoying a broad range of live TV stations. However, YouTube TV is not the cheapest live TV package available, with a monthly subscription costing $64.99. YouTube TV is the same pricing as fuboTV and Hulu Live TV at this time.

With live TV services like fubo, Hulu, and YouTube all priced the same, having the ability to try them out for free might be a fantastic way to find out which one is appropriate for you. Live TV streaming providers, on the other hand, seldom offer a lengthy free trial, and YouTube TV is no exception. When it comes to getting the greatest YouTube TV free trial, time is important.


7-day free trial of YouTube TV

The normal free trial period for YouTube TV is seven days. While not very lengthy, it is the standard duration supplied by many live TV streaming providers in the United States. Unlike on-demand subscription services, which normally allow free access for the first thirty days, live TV services often only provide access for the first seven days.

In certain circumstances, a live TV service’s free trial is even shorter. Before PlayStation Vue shut down, for example, Sony only allowed users to watch for free for the first five days. Sling TV, on the other hand, seldom offers a free trial. Even when one is available, Sling usually only allows you to view it for three days for free. The YouTube TV 7-day free trial is more liberal than these offerings.

It’s worth noting that the seven-day free trial is only YouTube TV’s typical free trial, since the service’s amount of time that a subscriber may watch without paying changes on a regular basis. While this might imply a shorter free trial, it’s more likely that new consumers will be able to watch for free for longer than the normal seven days.

14-day free trial of YouTube TV

Despite the fact that the typical free trial is seven days, the business often conducts specials with longer free trials. The typical free trial is usually extended to 14 days as a consequence of these promotions. In effect, you’re getting double the length that’s typically available. Given that a YouTube TV membership costs $64.99 a month, being able to watch for two weeks for free is the equivalent of $32.50 in free live TV.

Occasionally, the opportunity to trial the service for an extended period of time may be available, allowing you to save even more money. YouTube TV, for example, offers a 21-day free trial in December 2020. Additionally, individuals that joined up for the longer free period saved money on the first paid month, resulting in even more savings before having to pay the full monthly membership fee.


While there’s no way of predicting when YouTube TV will offer an extended free trial, the site runs similar promotions often enough throughout the year that customers who want more time to evaluate the service shouldn’t have to wait too long. However, unless a lengthier free trial is available right now, they will have to choose between another live TV streaming service or going without live TV completely in the interim.

30-day free trial of YouTube TV

Despite the fact that a 30-day free trial would be a terrific opportunity for customers to thoroughly try out the service before committing to monthly payments, YouTube TV does not normally provide one. Instead, during promotional seasons, they like to prolong the regular free period to fourteen days. However, due to YouTube TV’s relationships with other organizations and services, it is sometimes feasible for certain customers to have a 30-day free trial.

Previously, Verizon customers with certain plans could trial YouTube TV for free for 30 days. Verizon and YouTube TV teamed together in 2019 to provide their respective services as part of a package. In essence, new and current Verizon mobile or home internet users might add YouTube TV to their bundle and get a longer free trial time as a result.

For a limited time, T-Mobile users may get a 30-day free trial of YouTube TV. Following the demise of T-TVision Mobile’s live TV service, T-Mobile and YouTube TV teamed up to give current TVision subscribers a $10 reduction on the monthly cost of a subscription, as well as the opportunity to try the service for thirty days for free. T-Mobile phone and internet users received the same $10 per month price for a year, but without the extended 30-day free trial.

While it’s never certain when or with which firm a collaboration like this will become available, it’s usually the only way to get a thirty-day YouTube TV free trial.

Summary of the YouTube TV free trial

For new consumers, the regular YouTube TV free trial lasts seven days and is generally accessible all year. Consumers who want a lengthier 14-day free trial may generally get one, albeit only for a short period and usually only within a two-week advertising window. Although YouTube TV does not publicize these longer free trials in advance, they happen often enough that the next 14-day trial is never far away.

In general, the free trial period offered by YouTube TV to new customers is 14 days. However, YouTube TV has worked with other firms and services in the past to allow its current consumers to test out the live TV service for 30 days.

How to Cancel or Pause a YouTube TV Subscription (in English)

June 2021 (updated)

The “youtube tv login” is a YouTube TV trial that allows users to sign up for 7, 14 or 30 days of free service. The trial starts with the user signing in with their Google account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube TV have a 14 day free trial?

A: Yes, YouTube TV has a 14-day free trial.

How long is the free trial for YouTube TV 2021?

A: YouTube TV is a paid service with no free trial. If you are interested in signing up, it will cost you $40/month for the basic package, or $55 for their Gold membership plan.

Does YouTube TV have a free trial period?

A: YouTube TV offers a 14-day free trial for new members. This period allows users to test the service before committing themselves to it.

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